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According to the company StatCounter, the most popular browser today is Google Chrome.

Analyst firm StatCounter gives evidence that the share of Google Chrome on the market of browsers for the last month has increased from 34.77% to 35.72%.

Indicators browser Opera, on the contrary, have worsened – its market share has dropped from 1.63% to 1.39%. Indicators of Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari have not changed.

However, according to research firm Net Applications, the most popular browser is Internet Explorer, it has a share in 54.76%, while Google Chrome – only 17.24%.

Although the data presented StatCounter and NetApplications, different, analysts agree on one thing – the popularity of Internet Explorer for the last month has increased significantly. Experts attribute this fact access the operating system Windows 8, launched in October. The number of users of the OS in November reached 1.09%. Also on the 0.51% increase in the number of users due to the browser Internet Explorer 10, which is available only for Windows 8.