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Digg announced that it has started hard work on creating an RSS-aggregator, which should make up for the loss of Google Reader. Recall that Google has announced the imminent closure of the service in the “spring cleaning”. From July 1 Google Reader will not function, and ┬ápeople who use it, will have to find some alternative. Data can be transferred using Google Takeout.


Back to the main post: Digg blog said that after the news of Google Reader, your own design is put to a high priority. Something similar is in the works, but for now it will be paid more attention. The new service should learn the basic functions of Google Reader, including the API. It is unknown whether the developers have time to implement the project by July 1, but they declare their intention to finish the job this year.

If there is a wish to take part, they can be asked to the team, this, too, is clearly stated in the blog. Also, now the developers are asked to report to them any ideas and suggestions, so that they can take them into account.