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If you are a Nokia User & Facing troubles with it then don’t worry I can help you figure out solution for Memory Boost & a lot more tools compatible with Symbian

Memory Boost

You need to take care of your internal & external memory. Heavy media files on your internal memory can cause the slowdown of your cell phone

You should download the ‘Memory Up’ tool from http://tinyurl.com/35txmmz to boost your Memory

Tools you need

Get the following software from the link given below:

  • Jubble – cleans registry, application, settings & cache memory
  • Sterlize – cleans registry, applications, settings, widgets, maps, personal folders, patches, thumbnails & more
  • Thumbkiller – cleans thumbnails & index files
  • QuickDefrag, Quickbak,Fullbak,FullDefrag,Registry restore,Symfix,Uninstaller