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At CES 2013, NVIDIA revealed details about gaming platform NVIDIA GRID. In particular, it is reported that six companies are already planning to use the platform for cloud gaming. NVIDIA GRID platform makes possible smooth online gaming experience on any high-end PC screen, including “smart” TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones.


NVIDIA GRID – Is a server designed to serve up to 36 times as many gaming streams HD-quality than cloud gaming systems of the first generation, while reducing latency. It is fully integrated with the NVIDIA GPU, a specialized software for streaming graphics and technology NVIDIAVGX hypervisor that allows many users to share the GPU.

The first partner to use the platform NVIDIA GRID include Agawi (USA), Cloud Union (China), Cyber Cloud Technologies (China), G-cluster Global (Japan), Playcast Media Systems (Israel), andUbitus (Taiwan).

It is interesting that at CES 2013 it was demonstrated how the platform NVIDIA GRID transfers playing on a “smart” TV LG 55LA6900 resolution 1080p. In high-performance games Assassin’s Creed III by Ubisoft would be shown.