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Hardly anyone would argue with the assertion that Intel is still the market leader for the production of processors and platforms for the PC. Up to now, and long ago. The main competitor of titanium – the company AMD. If the production of graphics processors, AMD takes the American dominant positions, in terms of the creation of microprocessors AMD acts as a “catch-up”, despite the pioneering steps taken by the once in a multi-core processors. Attempts to overtake Intel processors for power and performance has not yet ended in a triumphant success. However, this does not mean that the developers intend to give up AMD. Not so long ago the market was the first notebook based on the new platform, AMD Sabine.

As conceived by producers battery life of devices based on this platform was to get around at times similar solutions from Intel. The first pancake, traditionally, has turned out lumpy. But here there is a new version of the AMD Sabine, and this time it really is a viable alternative to devices based on processors Intel.

The main staging area for testing the new platform was a laptop from ASUS, by the way, a long-standing strategic partner of AMD, which is called the ASUS K53TA . That he becomes the hero of our today’s review.




Appearance devices

Design Notebook ASUS K53TA can not be called brilliant or eccentric. However, despite the absence of eye-catching elements on the body, the device still has some original features. Laptop case is made of dark brown matte plastic and eye pleasing and arms. The only element of the gloss – the frame around the display. Easy to diversity in the minimalist design of the device is made textured horizontal stripes on the lid of the laptop and wrist area.

Laptop Keyboard pritoplena slightly into the body, making it more ergonomic. The hands do not get tired even when typing long enough. On the keyboard layout is quite conventional, the same as most 15-inch laptops. Keys island type pressed lightly with a soft, muted clicks and tactile feedback. Above the keyboard are the speakers. Below the keyboard, of course, is the touchpad, it is quite common and familiar to most users, with two nice-tight silver keys. Matte finish touchpad almost merges with the plastic casing, but that does not repeat its ribbed design.

Here we note that the laptop was realized Technology Palm Proof, which prevents false alarms touchpad, if the user accidentally touches his hand in the process of typing on the keyboard.

ASUS K53TA screen LED-backlit display has a diagonal of 15.6 “and the resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Glossy screen coating, but the work we have not noticed a strong glare. Also, users will be pleased with, and viewing angles. the picture does not fade and does not distort even at a significant deviation.

Keys island type ASUS K53TA make the process of typing more comfortable

Keys island type ASUS K53TA make the process of typing more comfortable

Above the display is a webcam with a standard resolution of 1.3 megapixels.

A set of interface connectors and ports, and is wide enough to meet the demands of the modern user. On the right side you will discover DVD / RW-drive, USB port and a standard audio jack. On the left are the power connector, RJ-45 port, VGA and HDMI and two USB ports. Note that one of the USB-ports supports the format 3.0, which is a pleasant trifle.

At the bottom of the ASUS K53TA has two access points for self-modification of the device by the user. One cover gives access to the disk, the second, respectively, gives the possibility to expand the RAM ASUS K53TA.

Dimensions of the laptop on the length, width and height make 378x253x35 mm, weight – 2.4 kg. Performance is not even bad for the “tag”.

Interior fittings

Of course, not the appearance of ASUS K53TA causes the greatest interest, and its internal configuration. Works under the control of a laptop processor AMD A6-3400M. This series processors have four cores, located on one small chip. Nominal frequency of the processor is 1.4 GHz mode Turbo Core processor can be overclocked to 2.3 GHz. Despite the relatively low frequency, the laptop user is able to provide a stable and continuous work, be it office programs, or multimedia and entertainment applications. RAM is 4 GB DDR3-1333. The laptop comes with a hard drive to 500 GB with a speed of 5400 rev. / Min.

Interface connectors ASUS K53TA

Interface connectors ASUS K53TA


Graphic Equipment laptop is really impressive. The graphics core AMD Radeon 6520G is built into the processor A6-3400M, has 320 cores and runs at 400 MHz. By passing this on ASUS K53TA graphics card is AMD Radeon 6650M with a clock frequency of 600 MHz and 1 GB of memory. External and integrated adapter can operate in Crossfire. Dual graphics, surely, is ideal for gamers, and for viewing high-quality video content a powerful video card will not be superfluous. However, the user can switch and, in cases when the external power is required, it can simply be turned off.

The operating system is installed on the ASUS K53TA well run-in of Windows 7.

Interesting solutions

One of the chips notebook ASUS K53TA is the presence of IceCool. This technology is used in many devices, ASUS and K53TA – no exceptions. A key feature of the ASUS with the cooling system IceCool is that the hot components are placed on the underside of the motherboard, away from the wrist of the user, so the upper part of the body always remains cool, that is, of course, provides additional comfort when working on a laptop.

Speaking of heating the notebook, not out of place to recall the battery life. Laptops K53TA completed a 6-cell battery High capacity – about 56 W * h Also, for extended battery life in notebook provides energy-saving applications: power4Gear – a power management system that promotes saving battery life and quieter work laptop.

The "0" has suffered more in favor of a compact block needle placement

The "0" has suffered more in favor of a compact block needle placement

Another feature of the device under consideration is its audio equipment. Generally, manufacturers do not bother much to create a truly high quality sound equipment and powerful laptops. The developers of ASUS have made bold steps to create a complete audio system on a laptop K53TA, equipping it with Altec Lansing audio system with surround sound technology, SRS Premium Sound. For a simple and convenient connection to the entertainment systems and gaming consoles in the model is implemented for HDMI.


In general, this notebook ASUS K53TA made us a very positive impression. Stylish, but at the same time, not flashy design certainly will appreciate the user’s eyes, and a powerful, high-performance platform AMD Sabine, will satisfy the average user requests as well as office worker using a laptop as a desktop tool.

Given the low price of the laptop, the performance of the system, a number of multimedia solutions and applications, as well as an attractive appearance and ergonomic configuration, we can predict a very bright future for this device. Besides, it’s nice to know that there is a real alternative to platforms based on Intel.


Matte finish touchpad ASUS K53TA

Matte finish touchpad ASUS K53TA

It can be assumed that the company did not take long, and fighting back, and dynamic market production of microprocessors perk up even more, which in turn have a positive impact on consumers.

Cost : 32,704.12 INR