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Just a few interesting rumors about future Apple products published on the site 9to5Mac. According to one of them, the company allegedly already started internal testing of a prototype next-generation iPhone, known under the code name of the iPhone 5 . Moreover, the “apple” smartphone, according to the irreducible data, is the owner of the processor Apple A5X, already used in the new iPad , and 1 GB of RAM, as well as in the above firm tablet.

Based on published information, test a prototype of the new iPhone appears, codenamed N96, but its hardware is enclosed in a casing filling out iPhone 4/4S to prevent leakage of information about the new design (well, not to prohibit same Apple employees visit the bars !). Recall the next generation iPhone release expected coming summer or fall, and the unit can get a big screen.

In addition, reports on the work in the bowels of the company from Cupertino on the new generation iPod touch , a few dropped out of the purview of the public for all the hype around the iPhone and the iPad. Nevertheless, Apple, apparently, is not going so far to give up production of its media player, mention of the new version is codenamed iPod 5,1 were found in the assembling iOS 5.1. Perhaps the new iPod touch will also get a chip A5X (or at worst, A5), which obviously will increase its speed.

Source: http://9to5mac.com/