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Apparently, the desire of IT-giants to produce mobile devices under their own brand has become a tradition in the modern industry. For example, “good company” Google has already indicated “google phone”. In addition, for a long time there are rumors about the preparation of smartphone from Facebook. And now it turns out that the largest online store Amazon prepares to release a smartphone on the lines of Kindle.


Release of this gadget can be expected, as reported in the middle of 2013,  Foxconn is the contractor  for manufacturing for Amazon, which it has allegedly already signed a contract. It is argued that the volume of orders for this branded smartphone, which will probably go down in the same series of Kindle, is five million units, and it will be sold at prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 200 a piece. As for the characteristics of the new products, it is assumed that it contains the operating system Android, and possibly a large 5-inch touchscreen display WhiteMagic from J Touch.