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Well yes, that is true so some extent. That sure can be worked out if we change the trend of selling online by not just hiking up the prices to unimaginable extent & showing off unrealistic discount figures. There is no need to fool around anymore, well of course then the PRIVATE SALES & just DISCOUNT oriented websites would no longer exists but the main question is till how long will they go on like this??? I’m sure not till eternity.

Higher investments in marketing has brought the awareness about online shopping, all those portals who have participated in that should get a round of applause!!!

What is best way to gain trust?

The easiest way around to gain trust on a particular website choose your payment & delivery option as CASH on DELIVERY the first few times. Do window shopping regularly if you want to get in the dot com bubble. Read the Policies & Terms & Conditions of the websites before you buy as there are A LOT of hiccups in those for you to overcome.
Terms & Conditions, Delivery/Return, & Privacy policies of the portal define the company’s profile better and it becomes simpler and easier from you to trust & purchase online.

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