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Some of our non-e-shoppers do not have any explanation as to why they do not want to buy online and some of them do. I totally agree that some people prefer mall or street shopping as they love the experience of shopping or window shopping as a matter of fact, or maybe it’s just that they do not know how to.
But why not try the fun you get shopping online, there is vast variety to look from, amazing offers as never even thought of before, you save yourself from the heat and traffic outside. I mean it really gets painful nowadays to reach a place without frustration.
Most of reports analyze that the e-shoppers are the working class as they truly have no time to invest in the unnecessary activities.
I have a retail store myself and have asked customers a couple of times whether or not they are interested in online shopping, some of them say “NO” or “MAYBE” and some say “NEVER”. I do explain them the concept of e-shopping having facilities like 3 day shipment, return policy, refund policy but their “NEVER” still remains. Seems like they are against the whole e-shopping concept altogether.
Some reasons what I understand why online shopping is not indulged by some people which the seller cannot resolve:
• No touch and feel of the product.
• In terms of clothing size and fit of the outfit matters, buyers don’t get any trial before purchase.
• No chance of Bargaining.
• Return & Refund takes a while.
• Customer has to wait for the product to reach to them.
The non-e-shoppers are quite finicky about their purchase and it would take more time to get them to buy something from the internet, be it a book or a piece of jewellery. Gift Shopping is also not on the list.
It would be challenge to make them buy online, those conversions is quite important as those buyers will be the driving force for ecommerce growth. Deals and discounts are old school and that won’t work on them. There is whole lot to still capture in this industry, understanding consumer behaviour and personal service to those consumers is vital and the patterns always vary.