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1. Think like a consumer, and to put its products in more than one category. Online businesses that make their products and services easy to find reap rewards in two ways: People buy more and they experience greater satisfaction with the overall site. Consider the sale and cross-selling opportunities by offering products that make logical sense together. If you are selling pictures and frames, show footage that best completes the picture. If you sell a line of products that have a wide range of prices, to show the transition from the least expensive to most expensive.Customers can choose to purchase more expensive items if they are presented as an option.

2. Keep it simple. Many people lead very complicated navigation or too many pages in the purchase path as reasons they do not complete their online sale or abandon their shopping cart. Successful e-commerce sites, simplifying the control and display clear pricing and shipping information. They also place a clear return policy and access to customer service. Putting your brick and mortar store a phone number prominently displayed on the website is a good idea. Research shows that consumers feel more confident knowing that you’re just a phone call if they have questions or if you have problems with their order.

3. The picture really is worth a thousand words, so use photos of your products and go easy on the text. Internet usability studies show that people do not read, they scan. That is 25% harder to read on the internet, so keep that in mind the guidelines for optimum readability: Headlines should be 8 or less words, shoot for 9-12 words per line (people do not want to read the entire screen), hold short sentences (15-20 words) and try to save the resume in under 30 words and hold paragraphs to 40-70 words. Thus, you can maintain compelling product descriptions along with your product offerings.

4. Market your website as soon as it is to live. It’s not enough just to build a website.You need to make an effort to market and promote your website for new and existing customers. Collect email addresses from your site to help you keep in touch with your customers and consider creating a newsletter. Seek links from other sites that complement yours. Optimization of your site’s theme and submit it to the major search engines. With ProStore, you have built an incredible marketing opportunity that you can promote your products to millions of eBay customers. Take this opportunity to reach many new customers.

5. Make a payment processing easy. Internet consumers need a way to give you money online. It’s just these days. You can accept payments by credit card or PayPal account or online merchant account. PayPal is ideal for those who are trying out e-commerce waters because there is less upfront commitment, but you may end up paying more per transaction. If you know, from the very beginning you will have strong sales and a large number of online transactions per month, you can consider setting up an online merchant account. What should be noted about PayPal is that both the buyer and seller need a PayPal account, but this is hardly a barrier to entry.It’s so easy to create a PayPal account that more than 96 million accounts were created by the user through the system PayPal, since it was founded in 1998 and it is believed that PayPal has 24% share of all U.S. online payments.