CuBox:The World’s Smallest Desktop Computer Running BitTorrent

Cubox – the world’s smallest PC to download torrents and broadcast video, as small as 5x5x5cms cm and a weight of 90 gm computer is running an operating system Linux. Initially, the system has a distribution of Ubuntu, but you can run others like GeeXbox complete with software XBMC and ruTorrent. It is ideal that the miniature(…)

Samsung launches 14-nm test processors with FinFET

Samsung Electronics has presented its first 14-nm test chip FinFET. These chips are the second mass-market chips after Intel, received their own implementation of a three-dimensional “sandwich” structure-based 3D-transistors, these transistors Tri-Gate, designed for the new Intel chips Ivy Bridge. Samsung says that the new chips are created in collaboration with ARM and Synopsis. According(…)