Google gets rid of passwords

Google is developing solutions that will allow users to enter their Gmail account using a ring with a microchip. Staff members of the security department of the company presented a report which reported on possible ways to improve secure access to web-sites. This development can be very useful, because in 2012, many people have suffered(…)

8-character password can be cracked in Windows within 5.5 hours

Security researcher shows how passwords are unreliable today. Security researcher Jeremy Gosney, also known as epixoip, demonstrated how to quickly crack even a complex password, if it is protected with encryption methods which are unreliable. At the conference Passwords ^ 12 in Oslo, Norway, he showed how a cluster of five servers running Open Computing(…)

DirectPass: password manager from Trend Micro

The regiment password managers replenishment. Another similar product has released the company Trend Micro, a well-known developer of various products in the field of computer security. They created a program called DirectPass and has broader functionality than a normal password manager. DirectPass an encrypted storage of textual information. First and foremost, there must be stored usernames and passwords from online(…)

ElcomSoft: 50% of users do not change the default passwords

25% of study participants regularly change their passwords, 24% – rarely change their password, change the rest of his “occasional” or almost never. Representatives of the company ElcomSoft conducted a study to find out how users relate to the passwords they use, and security policy in the organization in which they operate. In a study(…)

Google is developing a new password manager for Chrome

Password Manager for Chrome will create passwords that match the safety standards. Google is developing a new password manager for your browser Ghrome, which will automatically create complex passwords for users. This was reported on the website The Chromium Projects. When you log on the web-page where the user is asked to create an account,(…)

Scientists have taught computers to recognize people for shoes

At the moment the technology only works on the “sensory table” up to 89%. A team of scientists from the German Institute Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, has developed Bootstrapper, designed to recognize members of shoes. As noted by three researchers at the moment the product works only on the “sensory table” such as Microsoft Surface. The(…)

Mobile devices will become a new means of authentication

Company representatives presented the new Entrust authentication standards for businesses and government agencies. Entrust company introduced a new system of authentication of employees of companies with mobile devices. Entrust digital certificates will be embedded in smart phones users to create trusted credentials to provide a more convenient system of authentication of employees. According to the(…)

Password habits of Australians are poor

“After 20 years we have taught everyone to use passwords that are hard to remember the human brain, but it’s easy to guess the computer” – says the site xkcd . Perhaps that’s why people do not change their passwords until one does not force them to do so.That’s no wonder these results were obtained as a(…)

70% of people in Hong Kong use the same password for accounts

About 70% of people in Hong Kong use the same password for an average of seven online accounts, said Tuesday the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and PayPal Hong Kong in publicizing the results of studies on the safety of online payments. The study was commissioned by PayPal Hong Kong, and developed and hosted(…)

10 most common iPhone passwords

The problem of weak passwords is not limited to computers. This fact was found application developer, who added a code to identify user’s password to one of their applications. “Because the password input screen and lock screen in Big Brother [discussion software] are almost identical to the protection provided by the iPhone, I found that(…)