Hacking servers of BitTorrent and uTorrent – source code leak

Hacker MentaL revealed details of the story, which nearly resulted in the release of the source code BitTorrent, as well as documents of BitTorrent Inc., Including financial records. In May 2013 MentaL got full access to company servers of BitTorrent. Examining the contents of the servers and making a copy of the source code, he(…)

Tools used by the NSA

In documents Snowden mentioned the names of a number of secret NSA programs for tapping the traffic and so on. Objectives of some of these programs (both PRISM) are clear, while others remain unknown. In particular, the slides were the names NUCLEON, MARINA and MAINWAY. What it is, no one knows. But we can make a search in the public domain(…)

There was a suspect in the disclosure of information about the authors of Stuxnet

U.S. intelligence agencies continue to look for the culprit in the declassification of classified cyber operations to introduce the Stuxnet worm in Iran’s computer systems. Details about the operation “Olympic Games” were published in NY Times June 1, 2012 . The article describes how the meeting took place with President Obama, which report in detail on the implementation(…)

Edward Snowden trained by the NSA

The papers of Edward Snowden not give enough clarity about what exactly he was doing for the NSA, what was his position. He was not told about it, and his employer is also silent. Snowden officially called the technician or system administrator, but in an interview with China Morning Post, he described himself as “infrastructure analyst”(…)

Encryption is the first stop to intercept communications

It is no secret that government agencies are constantly monitoring communications of individuals, that is, ordinary citizens. In the case of the American system of surveillance is particularly interesting to see how often the interception of communications, whether it is a permanent process or occasionally activated action. In this sense, it makes sense to a new document ,(…)

OWASP – Top 10 Vulnerabilities

Topping the list of the most dangerous and widespread flaws in web-applications was taken by injection of code. According to the creators of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), which for the past 10 years is the top 10 most dangerous vulnerabilities in web-applications published the final version of the rankings in 2013. The purpose(…)

New Windows-backdoor deletes MBR

Antivirus company Trend Micro warns of a new backdoor BKDR_MATSNU.MCB , which is actively promoted through mass mailings, especially in Germany. The malware has the unpleasant feature: a command from the remote C & C-server, or it can block the loading of the PC, or delete the master boot record. Backdoor class ransomware before that(…)

Critical vulnerability in 60 + models of CCTV and IP-cameras

A group of students from the European University of Madrid published the results of their thesis at the Faculty of Information Technology. They explored the protection of the various surveillance systems found on the Internet through Google and Shodan. In total, they analyzed 9 systems, they found 14 vulnerabilities, from simple XSS and CSRF to(…)

Hack a Samsung TV with SmartTV function

As reported in his blog, Helfurt German researcher Martin (Martin Herfurt), was able to crack the Samsung TV with function SmartTV. The expert noted that a successful cyber attack carried out from a remote computer to broadcast programs on technology HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV), used in Samsung TVs.   After he managed to hack(…)

The man who “almost broke the Internet”

Two weeks ago Sven Olaf Kamfius (Sven Olaf Kamphuis) was arrested in Spain, of the company Cyberbunker. He was taken to the Netherlands, where he was held in court. Most likely, the lawsuit was filed against Kamfiusa antispam company Spamhaus – a recent victim of DDoS-attacks with the capacity of 300 Gbit/s, which was also(…)