Romanian hackers accused of stealing credit card numbers via the Subway fast food

Publication reports that the U.S. government of New Hampshire has arrested four hackers, who came to the United States from Romania.¬†Four of criminals accused of attacks on visitors credit-cards, about two hundred American retailers. According to the Court of New Hampshire, detained young men have been able with the help of technical means and(…)

Coreflood busted by FBI and Justice Department

FBI and Justice Department have just completed their largest operation in the field of computer crimes with the seizure of servers and domain names owned by botnets Coreflood. At this time, law enforcement bodies have been found and removed five controlling servers, as well as 29 domain names used by the system management and control(…)

Cyber Forensics

Cyber forensics is a wide term that encompasses computer forensics i.e gathering evidence from computers media seized at the crime scene, and network forensics i.e gathering digital evidence that is distributed across networks. Broadly speaking Cyber Forensics involves: Finding and decrypting protected information, encrypted information and steganographic ¬†content. Tracking software piracy. Recovering deleted data. Matching(…)