Cyber Laws

Facebook will inspect the accounts of celebrities

To verify your account to Facebook, users will need to send a copy of your documents. According to TechCrunch, as of today Facebook introduces a feature confirmed accounts of popular people. The very process of verification from Facebook will be the same as Twitter. Administrators social networks themselves will choose whose accounts are worth checking(…)

Google found guilty of deliberate surveillance of users of Safari

Google and three other advertising companies web-tracking activities, even those users Safari, which are blocked in their mobile devices and computers monitoring function. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Google and other advertising companies bypass privacy settings of millions of users browser company Apple – Safari. They monitored the web-activity, even those users who(…)

The court has banned programmer of Megaupload from accessing the Internet

The court dismissed Bram van der Kolka from prison by putting him on strict conditions to find freedom. Yesterday the Court of New Zealand has put forward the conditions under which the chief programmer Megaupload Bram van der Kolk (Bram van der Kolk) will be released on bail. Recall that the January 26 New Zealand(…)

OSCE: a threat to online freedom of expression exists

Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, Eamon Gilmore, in his capacity as Chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), told members of the UN Security Council on the work program of the Organization. He said that in 2012 the OSCE will give priority to issues of freedom of the Internet and(…)

BBC journalists banned from writing exclusive news on Twitter

First of all BBC journalists are required to provide emergency news in writing to his colleagues, so they sent it to all services on BBC. The company’s management of its employees committed the BBC to provide a written copy of the emergency or exclusive news editor of the company before writing them to Twitter. This(…)

Popular torrent trackers are thinking about closing

After the closure of the popular torrent tracker MegaUpload owners of some torrent sites have started to think about the voluntary closure. Guide one of the most popular torrent trackers BTjunkie voluntarily closed the resource, not wanting to have their fate befell MegaUpload. In the statement posted on the website, stating that the decision was not easy(…)

Czech anti-piracy law postponed the ratification of ACTA

Czech Prime Minister said that before the adoption of ACTA, the bill requires careful study. As the portal, the Czech Republic delayed the ratification of anti-piracy law ACTA. This was announced by Prime Minister Petr Necas of the state, saying that this bill should be carefully studied. Note that the appearance of ACTA led(…)

Google was fined € 500 000 in France

According to the agency France Presse, a French commercial court declared on the eve of Google guilty of abusing its dominant position in the market of digital cartography and ordered the U.S. company that owns the service Google Maps, to indemnify the French mapping company. It is reported that the court supported the statement of the(…)

The U.S. Congress can pass a new law to protect mobile data

The bill requires the company to obtain approval of the FCC to collect data about users. January 30 U.S. House of Representatives submitted a bill designed to prevent the emergence of scandals related to the protection of user data. Law «Mobile Device Privacy Act», sponsored by Congressman Edward Markey (Edward Markey), aimed at strengthening the protection of(…)

Guide The Pirate Bay will go to jail

Swedish Supreme Court rejected the appeal of popular torrent tracker guide The Pirate Bay. As reported by CNet, the Swedish Supreme Court rejected an appeal by manual torrent tracker ThePirate Bay. This means that a previous court decision remains in force, and representatives of The Pirate Bay threatened with imprisonment and a fine on charges of copyright infringement.(…)