Cyber Laws

Tajikistan restored access to Facebook

Internet Service Providers Tajikistan regained access to the subscriber social network Facebook in the evening on March 9. It is reported by “Asia-Plus.” Access has been restored on the oral solution received from the Service due to the Government of Tajikistan, said one of the providers. This happened a few hours after local media organizations(…)

British Internet service provider lost the hearing against the law of Digital Economy Act

The court ordered British ISPs to pay 25% of costs of users who illegally share files online. According to The Guardian, British Internet service providers were obliged to pay 25% of costs of those users who are suspected of illegal file-sharing network. This decision was made ??Court of Appeal UK. The remaining 75% of court(…)

Ireland has adopted a local version of the SOPA

The government has promised that the implementation of the law will be taken into account a number of measures to protect the rights of Internet service providers. The Irish government adopted a local version of anti-piracy law SOPA, which will allow copyright owners to request a court order to close sites and social networks that(…)

EFF needs to protect the rights of programmers

The members of the EFF European new directive threatens the rights of programmers. The European Parliament is preparing to adopt a directive on attacks against information systems. In this regard, members of the human rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) asked the legislators to the European Parliament with a request to provide standards for the(…)

The U.S. government intends to re-detain Kim dot-com

Judgment will be rendered founder MegaUpload Court of New Zealand for a week. Last week, U.S. authorities announced their intention to appeal against the decision of the High Court of New Zealand for the release of the founder of dotcom MegaUpload Kim (Kim DotCom) bail, reports Cnet. The accused was released on bail last week(…)

Founder of Megaupload released on bail

According to the court, the unavailability of funds dotcom not allow him to “escape” from New Zealand. New Zealand court issued the founder of dotcom Megaupload Kim (Kim Dotkom) bail. Before the dotcom was given the following conditions: he has no right to use the Internet to leave his home more than 80 km (except(…)

Denmark has blocked the site for the exchange of music content Grooveshark

Internet service providers in Denmark will be obliged to block access to Grooveshark. Copyright owners have won a trial in Denmark, and this gave them the right to force local ISPs to block access to web-site for the exchange of music content Grooveshark. The resource is accused of copyright infringement for distributing music files. It(…)

WikiLeaks will prove the fact of collaboration with the Swedish Minister of the United States

Guidelines published by WikiLeaks documents, according to which Bildt was U.S. informant in 1973. According to Expressen, has promised to publish a manual WikiLeaks documents that prove the fact of collaboration of former Prime Minister and acting Foreign Minister Carl Bildt of Sweden (Carl Bildt) with U.S. intelligence. Thus, according to secret documents, Bildt was(…)

The Pirate Bay could be blocked in the UK

The Supreme Court has recognized the UK The Pirate Bay guilty of copyright infringement. According to the decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, The Pirate Bay guilty of copyright infringement in the exchange of musical compositions. It is reported by The Guardian. Major record companies want to be British Internet service providers(…)