Cyber Laws

Microsoft employees download pirated content with BitTorrent

Microsoft, which is an active fighter against Internet piracy around the world, does not block their employees access to file sharing services. According to TorrentFreak, Microsoft employees download pirated content to the file sharing service BitTorrent. This information is managed to get through the site YouHaveDownloaded, running at the end of last year. The portal(…)

For 11 months Google has removed about 2.5 million references to infringing Resources

The greatest number of requests to remove links to pirated resources received from the software manufacturer – Microsoft. The company Google has published information on requests for removal from the search index of links to resources that violate copyrights. In most cases, these portals offer users unauthorized access to the software, as well as music(…)

Cost of 25 petabytes of storage files of Megaupload is $9,000 a day

Hosting provider Carpathia Hosting has sent an appeal in federal court in Virginia with a request to allow deletion of files or Megaupload, or pay the cost of storage. «Carpathia Hosting has never had access to data on the servers of Megaupload and we have no mechanism to return the files to users Megaupload.We repeatedly over(…)

The Court of India dismissed the case against Microsoft

The lawyer said Microsoft, on the sites of the corporation could not be posted insulting content, because it only deals with developing and selling software. The Supreme Court of India dismissed the case against Microsoft, which was accused of placing inappropriate content on Web sites corporation reports the BBC. Note that Microsoft is one of(…)

Representatives of music and film industry in India oppose blocking pirate sites

music and film industry in India opposed the closure of pirate websites, saying they want to cooperate with them. According to TorrentFreak, the Supreme Court of India decided to block the 104 site, distributing unauthorized music content. However, representatives of the music and film companies say they do not want to destroy their opponents, but(…)

ISPs in U.S. will deal with violators of copyright on the Internet

U.S. Internet service providers are ready to start the program, under which they will deal with copyright violations on the Internet. Big U.S. ISPs will monitor violators of copyright on the internet reports CNet. It should be noted that on July 12 a number of major U.S. providers, including Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon and Time Warner(…)

Banner with a message for the author of SOPA

In the area of residence of the author of the bill SOPA will be located inline with the text “Do not mess with the Internet.” Co-founder of the popular resource Alexis Ohanian Reddit (Alexis Ohanian) introduced the idea of placing a banner with the text “Do not mess with the Internet” in the residence of(…)

Facebook, Apple and Twitter were charged with illegally accessing personal information of users of smartphones

Facebook, Apple, Twitter and 15 other companies sued for distributing mobile applications to steal data from address books  of smartphone users. According to PC World, a group of 13 people filed a lawsuit in district court in Texas, where 18 companies accused of illegally accessing information, address books smartphone users. Among these companies are located(…)

The trial over the web-censorship in India was postponed to May 2012

In India, 20 companies, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft, are accused of conspiracy, defamation, promoting enmity between different religious and racial groups, as well as distributing obscene materials. The trial over the censorship on the web-content in India, involving 20 companies, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft, has been rescheduled for May 23, 2012. It is(…)

Kim dotcom: many users of MegaUpload – from the U.S. Government

The group of lawyers who represent the interests of the founders and employees MegaUpload, not just busy gathering evidence for their protection, but another important thing – the negotiations with the U.S. Department of Justice about the possibility of a closed site users to recover their files. In the case revealed that among these users –(…)