Cyber Laws

48 countries will be included in the International Alliance against Child Pornography

The initiators of the alliance were officials of the European Union and the United States. 48 countries have agreed to combine their forces in the fight against the promotion of child pornography. Specifically, the initiatives of concern the distribution of pornographic videos and images on the internet. EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström (Cecilia(…)

Austrian arrested for supporting Tor network

The accused is charged with distribution of child pornography. Residents of Austria, William Weber faces up to 10 years in prison for the production and distribution of child pornography. himself accused claims that he was not involved in the crimes – guilty of all but one of its computers that are running anonymizing Tor. Weber,(…)

Closing Megaupload – negative impact on many box office movies

Losses from closing the service suffered, in most cases, movies and middle mass budget. German and Danish scientists have carried out a joint study on the closure of the service Megaupload and its impact on the box-office movies. As part of their work, scientists analyzed the 1344 movie collections in 49 countries. It was found(…)

9-year-old girl suspected of online piracy

Child downloaded music content through The Pirate Bay. According to TorrentFreak, the police seized the computer of a 9-year-old girl who was suspected of distributing pirated content. Search warrant on the residence of the girl held in connection with the fact that in October 2011, she downloaded music content using  The Pirate Bay. Having established(…)

G-20 countries annually lose $ 5 billion due to piracy

Experts believe that the fight against the spread of counterfeit goods has become a focus of cooperation prerogative alliance members. As the general secretary of the Russian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce Tatiana Monaghan, G-20 countries do not get enough in the budget year more than $ 5 billion A similar situation(…)

The European Commission and the United States signed a declaration on online security

Today, 20 November, in London, representatives of the European Commission and the Department of Homeland Security (Department of Homeland Security, DHS) United States signed a declaration of online security . Organizers of the event at the official signing of the document explained that the ultimate goal of the agreement is to work together to improve(…)

U.S. authorities impose sanctions on Iran for restricting the freedom of access to the Internet

The U.S. government believes that the country is centralized limit public access to the World Wide Web and information. The U.S. government has reported on the use of various sanctions on Iran, which should limit the program of the Iranian authorities to ban the functioning of the country’s Internet and other sources of information. At(…)

German police staged a raid on Anonymous

Law enforcement agencies raided the apartments of 106 suspects. According to the publication Spiegel, law enforcement officers from Germany conducted a major operation to detain members of hacker group Anonymous. As part of the investigative activities of the police raided the place of residence 106 suspects, most of whom are minors. As specified in the(…)

American Hospital will pay $ 750,000 for the compromise of data of more than 800 thousand people

Prosecutor General of Massachusetts said that the hospital is prepared to voluntarily pay a fine. The hospital South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA, will pay $ 750,000 as a penalty. Payment of the penalty associated with the hospital in charge of confidential data being compromised more than 800,000 people in 2010. Recall that(…)

Use of Java code is not subject to copyright protection

According to the court, Google has used components of Java, which are freely available. Judge of the District Court of Northern California in San Francisco, William Olsup (William Alsup) issued a decision in the case of the propagation of copyright protection in the Java API of Oracle, on which from April this year, continuing the(…)