Cyber Laws

Megaupload file hosting sue Universal Music

Based in Hong Kong, the company Megaupload to sue Universal Music, reports Billboard. The suit is an attempt to remove commercials from Megaupload on YouTube. Currently, video, called “MegaUpload Mega Song”, may still be found on the site. The song sounds in the clip, is made ??up of dedicated service, Megaupload utterances of various stars. In the clip,(…)

India introduces Internet censorship

In contrast to the Russian authorities, who even today do not resort to openly censor the Internet (DDoS-attacks, disruptions to social networks and so on, even if they are organized by the authorities, as many believe, it still is not outright censorship and official ), India decided to take control of the Internet. On Tuesday it(…)

Romanian hackers accused of stealing credit card numbers via the Subway fast food

Publication reports that the U.S. government of New Hampshire has arrested four hackers, who came to the United States from Romania. Four of criminals accused of attacks on visitors credit-cards, about two hundred American retailers. According to the Court of New Hampshire, detained young men have been able with the help of technical means and(…)

International police conducted an operation to neutralize two European pirate groups

Representatives of three European countries the police conducted an operation to neutralize two pirate groups illegally distributing thousands of movies over the Internet. The operation was aimed at groups of pirates known as CRUCiAL and iNSPiRED, which operated in Germany, Switzerland and Hungary. It should be noted that the investigation regarding the activities of the two(…)

The Council of Europe spoke out against Internet censorship and pressure on online media

Ministers of the European Union on Thursday issued a joint statement in which they reaffirmed the rights of Web sites to publish data from unofficial sources. The Committee of Ministers, which is a division of the Council of Europe, bringing together the foreign ministers of all 27 EU countries, on Thursday issued a special statement, which(…)

The European Commission will bring together 28 companies and services to fight for the safety of children on the Web

The European Commission join forces with leading technology companies including Apple, Facebook and Google, to work on the issue of child safety online, according to Reuters. The union, which included 28 companies, will work towards the creation of age limits in the network and to fight for gain settings of privacy. Companies are also improving parental(…)

Police will not charge penalties from people watching internet porn

Police will not charge penalties from people watching internet porn. However, fraudulent messages that appear as pop-ups and position themselves as messages from the police, say that a user’s computer is locked for viewing adult content. Fraud victims reported that they have to pay a fine of 100 pounds to supposedly restore access to your computer. Details(…)

Pirated hard drive on display as a piece of art

The New York gallery is a work of “art” which consists of a portable hard drive to 1TB, full of pirated software. Paul Manuel exhibit titled “5 Million Dollars a Terabyte” (1TB worth of $ 5 million), currently being exhibited in the gallery of New York (Art 404 gallery), consists of a simple hard drive,(…)

Five ways to secure the use of private equipment at workplace

Companies affected by the increasing influx of workers belonging to the mobile devices in their nets, and this trend is likely to only be gaining momentum over the coming holidays. The influx of personal devices in the workplace, formally known as konsyumerizatsiya IT offers companies a substantial benefit in terms of performance and allow workers(…)

Bosnian attacker has collected a large number of illegal porn

A citizen of Bosnia, was arrested by agents of the Bosnian federal police on Cybercrime after discovering a large number of pornographic images and videos of children on his computer. According to a press release issued by the federal police, law enforcement agents found more than 1.5 million pornographic images and videos 10 000, reflecting(…)