Cyber Laws

The prison sentence of Co-founder of Pirate Bay has been reduced

Swedish Svea Court of Appeal overturned the conviction of co-founder of the Pirate Bay Gottfried Svartholm Varg (Gottfrid Svartholm Warg) on ??charges of causing damage to the bank Nordea.¬†However, the court upheld the verdict in which Varga was accused of hacking into security systems IT company Logica. Thus, the programmer behind bars will spend one(…)

Vietnam has introduced full-fledged Internet censorship

The controversial law banning Internet users to discuss current events, came into force in Vietnam. The legislation known as Decree 72 prohibits the use of blogs and social networks to discuss news articles, but only for personal calls on private topics. The law also requires that foreign Internet companies placed their local servers in Vietnam.(…)

Experts: Censorship does not work on pirate sites

Researchers from Northeastern University in Boston conducted a study, the results of which show that blocking pirate sites is ineffective. Experts analyzed the availability of pirated material on file-exchange sites and found that pirates have the time to publish more illegal content than copyright holders to censor. The study found that blocking Megaupload had little(…)

TPB on top of Torrent-trackers

Despite the arrests of its founders, TPB is the most popular Torrent-tracker in the world. TorrentFreak published a list of the most popular Torrent-trackers at the beginning of 2013. Despite the harassment and detention of the creators, The Pirate Bay (TPB) maintains a leading position in the global market-peer networks, and has the greatest number(…)

In 2012 Google has removed 51 million references from SERPs

The largest number of requests received in the current year are from RIAA. Copyright owners often turn to the major search companies, demanding search results to be removed from searchs. And Google is no exception. According to TorrentFreak, in 2012, the Internet giant has removed more than 51 million websites that violate copyrights. Almost all(…)

Hollywood film company employees convicted of piracy

Staff of Hollywood studios found using torrents at work to download pirated copies of movies, games, and other materials. This was December 25 edition reported by TorrentFreak. The analysis was performed using the service ScanEye, showing downloading any materials produced from a particular IP-address. TorrentFreak discovered that addresses the involvement of ¬†major filmmakers in exchange(…)

China deprives Internet users the right to anonymity

Residents of the state will be required to use real names when registering with Internet providers. China would force people to use their real names when registering network providers. Recall that such a policy is already in use with users of microblogging services. Such government actions have been taken in an attempt to stop spreading(…)

Instagram promised not to sell custom photos

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom denied the possibility of selling custom images without the knowledge of their owners. “There is a certain misunderstanding” – he wrote in his blog. Systrom also said that a “misunderstanding” has caused the outflow of people who disagree with the new policy Instagram. “We just want to experiment in the field(…)

63% of pirated software in Southeast Asia are infected with viruses

According to Microsoft , 63% of pirated software is sold in South-East Asia, and pre-installed on computers that contains malware. Division of the company that deals with computer security, bought 118 samples of disks with pirated software and subjected to analysis for the presence of malicious code. In about 2000 cases, this code was found;(…)

Indian government has launched a “five-year plan” to update cybersecurity

The authorities intend to establish channels of communication agencies of critical infrastructure in real-time. The Government of India announced the launch of a five-year plan to improve security of critical infrastructure facilities throughout the country. According to the agency (National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center, NCIIPC), this step is a natural reaction to the dangerously(…)