Magento – PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded

While installing Magento on XAMPP – I got this petty restriction PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded Simple XAMPP Solution Goto the php directory, in my case C:\xampp\php Then open the php.ini file & find extension=php_curl.dll uncomment that code by removing the ; (semi-colon) Restart your xampp/wamp server You are good to go 🙂 While installing(…)

PHP IDE Review : CodeLobster

For a long time, I worked in PHP for development. I’ve developed Java Web applications with Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA. These are a great Java IDEs. I wanted something similar for PHP. Recently I came across Code Lobster – a Portable PHP IDE, so reviewing it for our readers at LetsByteCode.   IDE Features(…)

What is Phalanger?

Phalanger is an open source project, which is a PHP compiler that can generate.NET assembly that is very similar to Java byte-codes and operation codes with Zend PHP code. This means that as a result of the compiled code can run on. NET virtual machine, as well as compiled C # code, or even be converted into native machine code, thanks. NET JIT (Just In Time) compilation options. This project was created in 2004, Thomas Matousek and Ladislav Prosek at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2008, they went to work for Microsoft, and the project(…)

PHP fork

Last June 8, Robert Eisele launched a new forked PHP version that he derived from PHP 5.3.6. It is the result of merging several changes that he wanted to make to PHP, on which he has been working for the last 3 years. This PHP fork version code is available on GitHub for anybody to download or even fork(…)

PHP-GTK applications served over the Web

Run PHP-GTK applications, and serve them over the Internet, really, really interesting new alternative for running PHP-applications. GTK + user interface elements that are very rich and powerful. There is a free visual tools for creating GTK + user interface that can be used to quickly create a PHP-GTK applications that have rich user interfaces. In addition,(…)

Using PHP-GTK to serve Web Applications to HTML 5 Browsers

GTK + is a library of components for creating user interfaces are typically designedto run on desktop computing environments. His main goal was initially to help create a user interface for the GIMP, a popularOpen Source image editing program very similar to Adobe Photoshop. Over time,GTK + has become more popular, being accepted as a library facto user interfacefor applications that run on Linux distributions based on the environment GNOME. GTK runs on top of Glib library system facility. He creates objects that are basicallyprovide a way to make the(…)

What is PHP-GTK?

PHP-GTK is an extension of PHP to set up in 2001 he Zmievski, allowing you to usePHP to run applications with a user interface display GTK +. Over time, PHP-GTK has many contributors who helped make it work with GTK + 2and get it to work with PHP 5 under Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and so on. GTK + version 3 was released officially in the year 2011. Despite work began earlier, version 3.2, which was released(…)

Protect your PHP installation with the Suhosin extension

In 2004, Stefan Esser, a security especialist that was responsible for finding and fixing many security bugs in PHP has developed a PHP extension named Suhosin. Stefan is an outstanding security specialist for which PHP is very fortunate to have his expertise in service of a more secure PHP implementation. Suhosin is a sophisticated extension that(…)

What if I Cannot Upgrade my installed PHP Version?

Many sites run on servers that only administrators are ready PHP packages and other programs provided by the suppliers of the distribution of Linux or another operating system that runs on the server. If you are using the latest version of the OS, which is still supported by the distribution of suppliers, may be a(…)