Md5 Password not good as Hash and Salt – PHP

Click here to know how to use Md5 Create function in PHP to hash and salt the password as follows: <?php function encryptPass($pass) { // Create a salt $salt = md5($pass.”%*4!#$;\.k~'(_@”); // Hash the password $pass = md5(“$salt$pass$salt”); return $pass; } ?> Call the function a: <?php ………… $password = encryptPass($password); ………… ?>

Md5 Password is Not Secure Enough – PHP

Md5 password is obviously better than simple characters but hashED & saltED passwords are better than just Md5. Firstly I will explain how to save a password in MySQL as a Md5 password Change the datatype of password to CHAR(32) in the MySQL table In php code retrieve the password using the md5() function which(…)

Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by :

I was tired of encountering the following error when I was working on one of my PHP project Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at……. I did resolve it after all, the thing I was doing wrong was that I had left a lot of blank lines & spaces between(…)

Java Generics – Wildcards

public abstract class Animal { public void playWith(Collection playGroup) { } } public class Dog extends Animal { public void playWith(Collection playGroup) { } } The Animal class has a playWith() method that accepts a Collection of Animals. The Dog, which extends Animal, overrides this method. Let’s try to use the Dog class in an(…)

Java Generics – Upper Bounds

Before you read this understand what are Generics: Read this Java Generics When do we use Upper Bounds? Eg. when comparing max of 2 nos public static T max(T obj1, T obj2){ if (obj1 > obj2) // ERROR { return obj1; } return obj2; } > operator cannot be used with references/objects.In this case we(…)

Facebook Architecture: 500 million users – is not the limit

The film “social network” is well illustrated by the phenomenon of Facebook’s development, managed to collect a record time of fabulous, unthinkable before the audience. However, behind the scenes remained another component of the project – how it works inside. His technical device. What is Facebook now? This is best demonstrated dry figures: * 500(…)

Java Generics

Generics simply explained Java is strongly types language, you are expected to know what values you are passing at compile time.There is no control as to what objects you place in a List or a Vector for example Vector v= new Vector(); v.add(new Vehicle); v.add(new Mammals) ; To create a Type safety we use Java(…)

Oracle downplays risk vulnerabilities

Manufacturer of software for computer security AppSec announced that Oracle produces an inadequate assessment of vulnerabilities. According to researchers Application Security (AppSec), Oracle Corporation may enter into mislead consumers about the seriousness of some of the vulnerabilities discovered in its software. “Oracle likes to downplay the risk of vulnerabilities,” – said Alex Rozeker, Director of(…)

NetBeans Platform – Summary (P10)


NetBeans Platform – Visual Library API (P9)