Including Other Resources in the Response Servlets

It is often useful to include another Web resource, for example, banner content or copyright information, in the response returned from a Web component. To include another resource, invoke theinclude method of a RequestDispatcher object: include(request, response); If the resource is static, the include method enables programmatic server-side includes. If the resource is a Web component, the effect of the(…)

What is Java Applet?

An java applet is a small, embeddable Java program. The java.applet package is a small one. It contains the Applet class, which is the superclass of all applets, and three related interfaces Read more on java applet

JBoss 2.0

JBoss 2.0 that we are about to explore is truly a 3rd generation container. It takes the patterns and ideas that were investigated in 1.0 and then does it right. Designed from the ground up to be modular, JBoss introduces yet again many ground breaking features, such as automated re-deploy, but most importantly a plug-in(…)

Securing the JBoss Server

Securing the JBoss Server JBoss comes with several admin access points that need to be secured or removed to prevent unauthorized access to admin functions in a deployment. The following sections describe the various admin services and how to secure them. The jmx-console.war Service The jmx-console.war found in the deploy directory provides an HTML view into the JMX microkernel.(…)

JBoss to use : Administration

Content Introduction to JBoss JBoss Hardware / OS / JVM JBoss Security JBoss Execution JBoss Administration A few tools for easier administration are provided with JBoss. Automatic startup For Windows NT, guidelines and examples to run JBoss as a NT Service are given in the contrib cvs module. For linux, you can find rc.d init scripts(…)

JBoss to use : Execution

Content Introduction to JBoss JBoss Hardware / OS / JVM JBoss Security JBoss Execution Memory To be able to run on a number of different machines, JBoss has very low memory settings by default. You will usually run JBoss in production on a Big Box (TM), so you can tweak the settings to take advantage of(…)

JBoss to use : JBoss Security

Content Introduction to JBoss JBoss Hardware / OS / JVM JBoss Security Security is a nagging concern for the admin in charge of a production site. Some of JBoss default settings are not secure at all, so please read carefully. UseEJBsecurity The EJB specification provides the possibility to restrict access to your beans on a per-method(…)

JBoss to use : Hardware / OS / JVM

Content Introduction to JBoss Hardware / OS / JVM JBoss – a 100% Java, so it can work and on any Java platform. The recommended version of JVM – this is jdk 1.3. JBoss can be used with jdk 1.2.2 with a few additional options, but this option and it is no longer supported.For example, JBoss has(…)

JBoss to use : Introduction

Content Introduction to JBoss We assume that JBoss is now fully operational. This chapter gives some basic principles for the introduction of Jboss in commercial operation. I first discuss compatibility issues between hardware, operating system and JVM, and I will give some tips on how to configure your Jboss for productive use.JBoss – a fully modular application(…)

Java Tutorial/XML/XML Writer

Write DOM out /* * DO NOT ALTER OR REMOVE COPYRIGHT NOTICES OR THIS HEADER. * * Copyright 1997-2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. * * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of either the GNU * General Public License Version 2 only (“GPL”) or the Common * Development and(…)