Parallels Desktop for Mac 7

The company announced the release of  Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac. The seventh generation of the popular solutions to simultaneously run Windows on your Mac without rebooting features more than 90 new features, including work with Mac OS x Lion, increase productivity, and integration between desktop and mobile software platforms. In Parallels Desktop 7 added full(…)

Windows 8: The sum of the two interfaces

Head of Microsoft Windows Steven Sinofsky (Steven Sinofsky) at the official blog of Building Windows 8 bit said about the two different interfaces of Windows 8 – traditional and new, using the style of Metro Windows Phone. Many wonder how the company intends to merge the two into a harmonious environment. Why do we need two user interfaces? Why(…)

Microsoft finally improve copying files in Windows 8

Microsoft is copying files to improve Windows 8, speeding up a large amount of data and giving users more control over file transfer. “Windows 8, which hit the market in the first half of 2012, offering improvements that will help computer users to cope with the increasing number of large files such as photos, videos(…)

Booting Linux and Windows using the Windows boot loader

If Windows is your kin, and more needs to be used as the primary operating system, consider how the native loader Window to add Linux.  The basis of the situation we assume that Linux was installed after the Window, that is currently in use boot Linux. Boot the operating system Linux, run the console, you(…)

Windows Task Manager Processes

Have you ever wondered what is in your Windows Task Manager Processes. It would be great if you could just understand all the processes, it would be so easy to manipulate the speed & space of your system. Well that is what I am going to do today. Will be helping you all understand the(…)

Ballmer confirmed the release of Windows 8, 2012

The head of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledged that Windows 8 will be released in 2012 a variety of platforms. He also promised significant improvements OS Phone 7 in this year. Speaking at a developers conference in Japan, Ballmer noted that during next year, Microsoft will reveal new possibilities of its main operating system. He(…)

Microsoft released its first security patch for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has released the first update for Windows Phone 7 designed to protect from attack after SSL certificates were stolen from the firm Comodo. Microsoft explained in the instructions that Windows, Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Kin and Zune devices – they are all faced with the consequences theft, which can lead to(…)

Windows Thin PC Released RC

Microsoft announced a prerelease version of Windows Thin PC (WinTPC), designed to transform old PCs into thin clients. The final issue will follow later this quarter. Microsoft describes the product as a “cut-down version of Windows 7, which enables organizations to turn existing PCs into thin clients, thereby reducing the need for new equipment for(…)

Linux and Apple Mac OS growing in popularity : 2010

According to a new study by Gartner, the market of operating systems was 30.4 billion in 2010, and it greatly increased the demand for Linux and Mac OS on server and client markets. According to the report Market Share Analysis: Operating System Software Worldwide 2010, especially increased in popularity among customers of the operating system(…)