Windows 8 supports voice calls

The Windows operating system 8 can support voice calls, such an assumption was made ??after the session BUILD 2011 last week. Dialogue on the slides was lit «Missed Calls»-style Windows Phone 7 with the time and date of the last incoming voice calls. However, we can make mistakes, and this feature is associated with VoIP, or even(…)

New security system in Windows Server 8

Securing files on corporate servers appears as a control for cats during the breeding season – if time does not sterilize them, then soon you will have a whole herd of cats. Microsoft is struggling with this problem through Dynamic Access Control, Service, which will be equipped with the upcoming Windows Server 8, created to provide(…)

Windows 8 running on a PC 128 MB RAM

Windows Developer Preview 8 is popular: After playing with the new system on ordinary PCs, enthusiasts began to install it on more than the original device. For example, a video appeared on the Web with the new OS running on the Apple MacBook. Windows 8 was installed via BootCamp utility and well-known works pretty decently. Test the(…)

Built-in browser in Windows 8: two environments, a single engine

The official blog Windows 8 Build , Microsoft said, in what direction it leads the development of browser-environment in its future operating systems. In other words, what to expect from Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8. In the development of Internet Explorer for the new operating system company, of course, makes an important focus on the most(…)

Microsoft released Visual Studio 11 and. Net 4.5

Microsoft has finished the conference BUILD view of new tools for developers, including a preliminary version of Visual Studio 11,. Net 4.5 and ASP.Net, plus version 1.5 Windows Azure SDK for their platform of cloud computing. Visual Studio 11 provides a framework that allows developers to structure applications or services, write code, perform testing and(…)

Windows Developer Preview 8 downloaded 500 thousand times in 12 hours

Windows Developer Preview 8 is now available for download . Today it became known that the operating system version predreliznogo redmondtsev 12 hours downloaded by more than 500 thousand users. Such statistics may surprise many users, especially when you consider that the release of Windows Developer Preview 8 is nowhere PR, as opposed to running Mac OS X Lion,(…)

Windows 8: Tons of new features for added protection

The next version of Microsoft’s Windows will be equipped with “tons of features for added security”, including automatic virus scanning devices, as well as an upgraded version of an antivirus program Widows Defender, says the company. On Tuesday at a conference in California BUILD vice president of planning and the Windows ecosystem Angilo Michael has(…)

Windows 7: 450 million copies

Microsoft announced a significant achievement of Windows 7 in October 2009 when it was released a new operating system, the company managed to sell 450 million licenses. The figure looks more impressive if you divide it by the number of days – one day is sold almost 650,000 copies of the OS. For comparison, a failed(…)

Microsoft added support for Hyper-V in Windows 8

Microsoft announced that future versions of Windows client 8 will support the creation and management of virtual machines, Hyper-V to 64-bit systems. The company says that the platform will require a 64-bit processor, 64-bit Windows version 8 and 4 GB of RAM. Once the software Hyper-V will be launched, customers will be able to create and run(…)

Virtual Access Point Wi-Fi on Windows 7

Turn your PC or laptop using Wi-Fi-adapter to the access point for other wireless devices is relatively simple.It is surprising that on such a wonderful opportunity not know so many people, even among advanced users. In the case of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, this is just one of many innovations that went(…)