Microsoft has released the November update

Microsoft released four security bulletins in the new monthly update, including fix for a critical vulnerability in Windows TCP / IP. November Tuesday patches consists of four papers, each of which addresses one vulnerability. One vulnerability was rated as “critical”, while the other two are marked as “important”, while the latter – as having “moderate” security(…)

Norton Internet Security 2012 Release

Norton has recently launched its new security “2012” version which not only provides a scan for PC but also for your smart phones & tablets Installing Norton Internet Security 2012 was a flawless and simple. The first thing you’ll notice when you start Norton Internet Security 2012 are the dramatic changes Symantec made to the software’s(…)

Microsoft offers a temporary solution to the problem of the critical Windows bug

Microsoft published the solution to the problem of vulnerability in Windows. This vulnerability was used to install an advanced virus , which was aimed at companies that manufacture industrial systems. In the recommendation, which was published in the night from Thursday to Friday , Microsoft said that unknown to this vulnerability in the engine Win32k TrueType impact on all supported(…)

XP is losing ground – Windows 7 builds popularity

From August to September increase in the use of Windows 7 began to accelerate. While previous monthly increase in the proportion of expressed 1% in September, he jumped from 30.6% to 32.42%, or 1.82%. It seems that this was not a single anomaly: the velocity of Windows 7 is really growing. More: XP is losing ground(…)

Microsoft will release Windows 8 August 2012

The next year is expected to launch the new operating systems Windows. However, it is difficult to say exactly when this will happen. Recent rumors point to the second half of next year, or more precisely, in August. The software giant is in a hurry to bring the new OS, because Microsoft must somehow respond to the alarming(…)

UEFI: a long-awaited successor to the BIOS and Linux sworn friend

To replace the old as the computer world, the BIOS comes something completely new called UEFI.Unfortunately, apart from the masses of useful innovations, UEFI will bring with it many problems. Thus, it is possible that in the next year to install some Linux distributions on the new computers will be simply impossible … Developed over thirty(…)

Windows 8 will be faster due to improved working memory

In the last entry blog Building Windows 8 Microsoft Performance Team Leader Bill Karagounis (Bill Karagounis) talked about some innovations introduced in the coming operating system and to optimize memory use. One such innovation is the integration of memory. The problem is that Windows applications can reserve a lot of buckets, and not only those in which they(…)

Windows 7 PORTABLE: make a bootable USB flash drive with the “Seven” on board

Our task today – to create a special build of Windows 7, which would work without having to install and run directly from the stick. Including in its membership the necessary software, we can solve different problems: to solve the problem with disk partitions, or remove viruses, for example, using hacking tools in familiar surroundings. Having(…)

Microsoft on Tuesday eliminates 23 vulnerabilities with eight patches

On Tuesday, Microsoft will release eight security bulletins, two of which are assessed as critical and six – as important. Their goal is to eliminate the 23 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer,. NET Framework and Silverlight, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Forefront UAG, and Microsoft Host Integration Server. The critical patches affect all supported versions of Windows: XP, Vista(…)

Microsoft Windows XP has lost sizeable proportion of computers that went online last month

Microsoft Windows XP has lost sizeable proportion of computers that went online last month. Already Nenova operating system reduced the market share of almost 2% in September and the end of the month was set at 50.5% of desktop computers, according to analysts from Net Applications. It was the biggest drop in monthly anniversaries in the(…)