Microsoft demonstrated Windows Store

Microsoft in a special event revealed some official details about its new online store Windows Store, whose support will be built in the coming operating system, Windows 8 . It is reported that the portal Windows Store, users can find and purchase media content and software, and the online store will be executed in the style of Windows 8 “tile”(…)

Windows 8 could lose desktop mode when running on ARM chips

With interesting details about the upcoming operating system Windows 8 , whose public beta , according to recent reports, see the light coming in February, made ??famous technology columnist Paul Thurrott. According to him, referring to inside information, a familiar’s desktop environment, you can watch any user desktop or notebook computer running Windows, the software platform in the future may(…)

Windows 8 may be setup ten times faster than Windows 7

Install or upgrade to Windows 8 will be much faster than it did with Windows 7, Microsoft employee writes Krista Saint-Pierre in the official blog of Building Windows 8. a fresh install of Wndows 8 on a computer with a blank disk should take 21 minutes – to 35% less than the required Windows 7. As the(…)

Windows Phone 7 ported to Android

The operating system of Windows Phone 7 is the third largest mobile player after Apple iOS and Google Android. Arsenal though its functions and wide, but it is hardly exclusive, because they are one form or another are present on two parallel platforms. However, the main advantage of this system is its interface, which really is(…)

Installing Windows 8 will be easier

Windows 8 will be released in the second half of next year, probably in September, in advance, and Microsoft is trying to attract attention to the novelty. At this time, the company reported that the new operating system can be purchased online and download the installer, which has already introduced 25-digit serial number. To install the(…)

Microsoft released a near-final version of SQL Server 2012

Microsoft has made available to RC version of SQL Server 2012, allowing testers to first touch a full-featured database management system of new generation. SQLServer 2012, issue of the final version is planned somewhere in early 2012, was designed to better integrate with the cloud for high availability and disaster recovery functions, as well as(…)

The next generation of Microsoft Surface

Microsoft and Samsung have announced the development of next-generation technology called Surface SUR40. And the interactive surface is available for pre-orders in many countries. Originally multitouch display was shown at CES2011 and was able to interact with 50 objects, including fingers, hands, other body parts and other items. This is possible thanks to new technology PixelSense, which uses infrared(…)

Pery bootkit for Windows 8

Security researcher admitted that the virus has developed a new operating system, Windows 8, which is loaded at boot on older PCs. Peter Klyayssner said his bootkit called Stoned Lite, can not circumvent the protective mechanisms of Windows 8 on the new devices. On his Twitter page, he wrote that bootkit will not load if your(…)

Windows 8 wants to make the procedure to install updates less painful

The next version of the Windows operating system from Microsoft will change designed to make automatic updates are not so annoying, eliminating the pop-up notification and reducing the number of computer restarts. In the blog, Microsoft Program Manager of Windows Update Faranza Rahman said that the coming Windows 8 will consolidate all reset to be performed within(…)

Unique Services for Nokia Windows Phone hacked and available to everyone

No sooner had the company Nokia to bring to market vehicles in the first Windows Phone, as corporate services, designed to provide telephone company from the competition and increase their attractiveness to potential buyers had been hacked and ported to other WP-device. Pali first navigation service and Nokia Drive program Nokia Maps, providing free navigation(…)