Microsoft sues British chain of shops for the sale of pirated Windows

Microsoft has accused the network of UK stores Comet in music production and distribution of 94 thousand counterfeit versions of Windows XP and Vista. The discs were transferred to buyers of computers with preinstalled operating system and designed, according to lawyers Comet, to restore the system in particularly difficult cases. The representative of the defendant company(…)

New screenshots of Windows 8

Screenshots of the desktop, windows Windows Explorer, and other panel settings. According to CNews, Chinese technology site PCbeta could get their hands on a new build of Windows 8 – build 8172. Representatives from the site posted screenshots of the network elements of the standard system interface. In the Internet were posted screenshots of the desktop, windows, Windows(…)

Change Log Purging in Multimaster Replication

Both replication and Oracle Directory Integration Platform use change logs to propagate information from a supplier directory to a consumer directory. All change logs are stored in the table ods_chg_log. In addition, replication change logs are stored in asr_chg_log. When the change log garbage collector runs, it purges change logs that are no longer needed by any(…)

According to buyer fixes, IBM, HP and Microsoft top the list of laggards

IBM, HP and Microsoft topped the list of companies that are not released within 6 months after notification of patches from the world’s largest program to hunt for bugs. During 2011 TippingPoint, unit HP, for a total of 29 issued a report on “zero-day” vulnerabilities that are 6 months or more are not obscured by(…)

Windows 8 will offer password-images

No matter how opposed the security experts are, but the fact remains – no matter how many times people have warned about using strong passwords, the majority of them will still use short, simple and easy to remember. We’re not talking about what you need to stop all attempts to bring this idea to the(…)

Microsoft has decided it will update Internet Explorer automatically

Microsoft has decided to follow the example of Google and Mozilla, and includes automatic updates of Internet Explorer to new versions. Now new versions and security updates are available to users via Windows Update, but the transition from one version to another is always required manual work – for the installation attended a separate window.(…)

Malicious SMS disables all messages on Windows Phone

The mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 is vulnerable,  which can be blocked by function send and receive messages. One of blog readers, the developer Khaled Salameh, showed that if the phone is sent a specially composed SMS, then the machine reboots. The application “Messages” (Messaging Hub) will be available – when you try to run(…)

Released Silverlight 5

Microsoft Corp. on Friday without any additional announcements released Silverlight 5.Previously, corporations emerged around rumors that the company is supposedly going to turn the development of Silverlight, opting for a more accepted in the industry of HTML 5. That is the path originally went to Apple, Google now sells a lot on HTML 5. In addition,(…)

Microsoft tests Windows Defender Offline

Microsoft has released a beta version of its off-line antivirus Windows Defender, which works even when the computer is so badly infected that do not have full access to the Internet. The program allows users to run their computers infected with CD, DVD or flash drive and use the latest database to fight infections. This can(…)

Next week Microsoft will release 20 patches for its products

Microsoft Corp. today announced that next week will release a patch set for December of its software, which claimed 14 security bulletins, eliminating 20 different software vulnerabilities Windows, Internet Explorer, MS Office and Windows Media Player. Among the patches and fixes are for the most notorious problems such as holes, are used by the Trojan Duqu,(…)