Comparative performance tests of Windows 7 and Windows 8

PCWorld magazine has published the results of performance tests systems on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Looking ahead, almost all Windows 8 proved to be better. Test results coincide with the impression of users who have installed a Windows 8 and participated in the survey PCWorld. Of these, 40% said that the new system seems to be more rapid, 45%(…)

Discovered a dangerous vulnerability in Microsoft Windows

A local user can gain access to potentially sensitive data. The researcher “Swiss knife” recently published in his blog a new version of the utility mimikatz 1.0, designed to work with the credentials on OS Windows. In the new version, in addition to functional, similar to Windows Credentials Editor, has been implemented functionality of obtaining(…)

“Start” will disappear in Windows 8

In Windows 8 interfaces can be switched using the Windows key on the keyboard combination Ctrl + Esc, or by pointing the mouse cursor to the lower left corner of the screen. Microsoft removed the “Start” button and the menu interface of the same name Windows 8. This was told blogger Paul Tarrott (Paul Thurrott), citing a source within Microsoft.(…)

Microsoft wants to integrate Kinect into laptops

Sources at Microsoft say that the software giant is working to further integrate the technology of visual control Kinect in a wide range of devices. At the meeting in early January 2012 CES, Microsoft announced a version of the device Kinect for desktop computers. Now the software giant is working on a mobile implementation of Kinect for(…)

Windows 8 will receive advanced networking capabilities – Microsoft

Microsoft said that in a future operating system, Windows 8 it is going to greatly simplify and automate the installation and connection to wireless broadband connection. In the corporate blog 8 Building Windows Program Manager Microsoft Devices and Networking Group Billy Anders wrote that the future flagship operating system gets a lot of new tools that(…)

Microsoft introduced a new generation of file system

The file system ReFS is to improve the reliability and storage optimization. Microsoft Corporation has introduced a new file system ReFS (Resilient File System), which will apply to Windows Server 8. According to the vice-president Steven Sinofsky, Windows re-inventing the corporation also reviewed and related to data storage. Team Manager file system ReFS Surendra Verma in the corporate(…)

Windows 8 release is expected by October

During CES Microsoft revealed some plans for Windows 8 release. According to PCWorld, citing the head of Microsoft Windows Business Group Janelle Poole (Janelle Poole), the corporation intends to release Windows 8 in October this year. This was a Microsoft employee said during a conference CES, which takes place in Las Vegas.”Releases Windows occur on average once every(…)

Members tablets based on Windows 8 will not work with Linux

One of the new aspects of the operating system, Windows 8 is the subject of considerable controversy among developers and users. We are talking about the possibility of forced load, which has responsibilities – to protect the boot sector of a computer or a tablet from the impact of malicious code. However, as a side effect(…)

Windows 8 will be presented to update feature and reset system

New features in Windows 8 will return to factory settings without losing user data. Representatives of Microsoft introduced two new features of OS Windows8, which will restore the factory settings without losing user data. With the function update (refresh) it will be possible to reinstall Windows without losing all the user data, settings and important applications. Function of(…)