Anyone can get a free version of a legitimate Windows 8

In Windows 8 activation system is vulnerable, which replaces a false activation key for validity. The system authentication Windows 8 discovered a vulnerability that allows for free to get activated version of the operating system. By false activation through KMS (key management system) and update via Windows Media Center, any user can get a “legitimate”(…)

Flash Player update will be synchronized with security updates from Microsoft

Adobe will be releasing an update for Flash Player on the second Tuesday of the month, as the corporation Microsoft. According to Computerworld, Adobe has made a change in the release schedule updates for Flash Player and synchronize it with the release of Microsoft Security Bulletin on the second Tuesday of the month. «Microsoft and(…)

Windows today celebrates the 27th anniversary

In 1985, a prototype operating system, which has become by far the most popular product among users. Exactly 27 years ago – November 20, 1985 – Microsoft Corp. today introduced the first version of Windows, the following modifications which today are the most popular operating system for personal computers in the world. It should be(…)

Microsoft has banned use of the word Metro in applications for Windows 8

Proper notice was posted on Microsoft’s website in the section for developers. Microsoft has banned the makers of applications for Windows 8 to use the word «Metro» the names of their developments. If the specified word will appear in the title of the application, it will be denied access to the Windows Store. Such notice(…)

Pirated version of Windows 8

The day after the announcement of RTM-version illegal copies of the product began to appear in the public domain. August 1 this year, Microsoft announced the final version of the Windows operating system 8, which began sending the industry partners. The new Windows OS is due out October 26th this year. As the representatives of Microsoft,(…)

IrfanView Review : Free Image Viewer, Editor, Converter Software

Quick Image editor and viewer software which one should have if need to edit/convert/view images First Look of IrfanView when you open an image in IrfanView: File extensions on IrfanView: You can convert/view major extensions like PSD Paint Shop Pro TIFF GIF KDK MP3 WMV MOV AVI FLV & so on You can edit what(…)

Microsoft is preparing a full Linux support in hosting Azure

Knowledgeable insiders within Microsoft reported that on June 7 Redmond giant is going to formally introduce a framework Antares and support Linux virtual machines with the persistent storage. Until now, support for Linux in virtual machines Azure was also, but when you restart the virtual machine was lost – the lack of persistence interfered with the normal operation(…)

Free PDF converter Review : PrimoPDF

Hurray!!!!! A Free PDF converter which almost converts all files extension into .pdf without any hassles!!!!! Easy way to convert file to pdf, after  you install primopdf to you system you will find PrimoPDF – Drop Files Here to Convert! icon on your desktop. All you need to do to convert a file is drag(…)

Create my laptop as a Wifi Hotspot using a USB internet on Win7

I have windows 7 and I just created my laptop as a wifi hotspot using a USB internet (tata photon) All you have to do is (“make sure your wireless is on”) Goto Network Sharing Center and click on Setup a new Network Connection or network Select Setup a wireless Ad-hoc Give the connection a(…)

Microsoft revealed details of the backup service in Windows Server 8

At its core backup service will use the already established cloud platform Windows Azure. Developers of Microsoft Corporation reported on its blog about the plans regarding the backup service, which will be launched in the Windows Server operating system 8. At its core, the service will use the already implemented cloud platform Windows Azure. For(…)