Windows 8 Update is changing course to 180 degrees

Microsoft is preparing a release of an updated version of Windows 8.1 with a change of the “key elements” of the operating system. This was said by the head of marketing and finance of Windows Tami Reller in an interview with Financial Times . She explained that refers to the “key aspects” of how to(…)

Microsoft introduced a fix to update MS13-036

Microsoft has released an update for computers affected by the detected error in one of the security bulletins that were released last week. For example, the company introduced the users to boot the image file used to create the backup DVD or USB-disk, which can remove security updates automatically. The image format ISO, supported by(…)

Windows 8 will get back “Start” menu

New comprehensive update to Windows 8/RT, Windows Server 2012, Windows Phone 8 and cloud called SkyDrive Windows Blue appears in the middle of this year. One of the purposes of this update is to optimize the work and the interest of the users of the operating system from Microsoft. As requested by users of(…)

Next Windows will have a new kernel and will get a new interface

Experts believe that the operating system is likely to be a large-scale upgrade to Windows 8 and not a separate product. According to Neowin referring ostensibly to one of the staff of Microsoft, unofficial data has spread over the internet about a new version of the operating system called Windows Blue which will have an(…)

Microsoft re-released a patch for PowerPoint

The vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system. Microsoft re-released the patch, which was intended to remedy a serious security flaw in the application font OpenType. Note that after the release of the original version of the patch, the font was unreadable for many users of PowerPoint and other applications.(…)

Windows 8: The main disappointment of the year

Experts of technological institutions consider the new version of the Windows operating system failure. Publication CIO Journal decided to conduct a survey of users about the new operating system Windows 8, in order to find out whether they are satisfied with the innovative edition. According to the respondents, Windows 8 has attracted more attention than(…)

Experts: Many users can continue to use Windows XP after the cessation of its support

Analysts believe that if Microsoft will not release an update for Windows XP, and users will continue to work with it, it can lead to a global crisis in the field of technology. Many experts doubt that Microsoft will stop supporting the operating system Windows XP. Recall that this time Microsoft will no longer issue(…)

Microsoft Windows 8 shows error 0xC004C4AA

When you try to illegally obtain a legitimate version of Microsoft Windows 8 shows error code 0xC004C4AA. Microsoft has removed the opportunity to get a legitimate version of Windows 8 with false activation through KMS (key management system) and update via Windows Media Center. Recall that this method is required to install Windows 8 using(…)

Update WP8 Apollo + will also support GIF and WAV

Reportedly, Microsoft is preparing a release of updates for smartphones running Windows Phone 8, which could be code named Apollo + or Portico. Previous rumors indicated that the version of the OS can run a VPN (which is important for corporate users), fixes for Wi-Fi connections, and various other improvements. According to the recent report of the(…)

December issue patches for Windows will contain seven bulletins

According to preliminary reports, Microsoft will release as many as five “critical” bulletins for their products. According to the post of developers Microsoft, December 11 this year, the software giant will release seven security bulletins containing fixes for vulnerabilities in software products. With five notifications that are assessed by experts as “critical.” “Five bulletins include(…)