Level 1- Error while creating AVD (Unable to find a userimg.data file for ABI armeabi)

An error occurs while creating AVD for Android 4 & above – “Unable to find a userimg.data file for ABI armeabi to copy into the AVD folder” For that all you need to do is the following Step 1) Open Eclipse and click on Run Configurations (pull down the arrow next to the Run or Debug(…)

Create my laptop as a Wifi Hotspot using a USB internet on Win7

I have windows 7 and I just created my laptop as a wifi hotspot using a USB internet (tata photon) All you have to do is (“make sure your wireless is on”) Goto Network Sharing Center and click on Setup a new Network Connection or network Select Setup a wireless Ad-hoc Give the connection a(…)

Convert and Import .vcf files without Kies to Samsung Android

I had a blackberry before so when I was importing my contacts into my galaxy tab p2600, I had a backup of my contacts in .vcf files so I openend cmd  opened the directory where all the vcf files were stored then typed copy /B *.vcf allinone.vcf then copied the allinone.vcf file into a folder on(…)

Trojan steals data from IBM through motion sensor and accelerometer phone

The program TapLogger allows you to record what virtual key user clicks on the touch screen phone. Representatives from the State University of Pennsylvania in the United States in conjunction with programmers from IBM introduced a new pilot program for the operating system Android, which allows you to steal passwords and other sensitive information using the(…)

Trend Micro: the most dangerous is the Android mobile OS

According to researchers, the most secure operating system is Blackberry. Analysts from the Trend Micro released a report on the study of the security level of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices. According to the company, the most secure OS is currently the Blackberry 7 OS from Research in Motion. However, the most(…)

Apple is testing iPhone with A5X chip and 1 GB of RAM and runs on the new iPod touch

Just a few interesting rumors about future Apple products published on the site 9to5Mac. According to one of them, the company allegedly already started internal testing of a prototype next-generation iPhone, known under the code name of the iPhone 5 . Moreover, the “apple” smartphone, according to the irreducible data, is the owner of the(…)

Researchers have found MBR-rootkit for Android

DKFBootKit can be integrated into the boot process and run up to the initiation of the platform. According to the study of NQ Mobile Security, which specializes in mobile security, the Internet appeared MBR-rootkit for Android – DKFBootKit. How to specify experts malicious application can be integrated into the boot process of the operating system,(…)

Microsoft revealed details of the backup service in Windows Server 8

At its core backup service will use the already established cloud platform Windows Azure. Developers of Microsoft Corporation reported on its blog about the plans regarding the backup service, which will be launched in the Windows Server operating system 8. At its core, the service will use the already implemented cloud platform Windows Azure. For(…)

Red Hat has earned a billion dollars

In the free software market you can make big money. The undisputed leader in the commercialization of Open Source – by Red Hat. Yesterday, it published a report for the fiscal year 2011 , which ended February 29, 2012. And we can congratulate the “red hats” – they were the first company in the world of Open Source with a(…)

Comparative performance tests of Windows 7 and Windows 8

PCWorld magazine has published the results of performance tests systems on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Looking ahead, almost all Windows 8 proved to be better. Test results coincide with the impression of users who have installed a Windows 8 and participated in the survey PCWorld. Of these, 40% said that the new system seems to be more rapid, 45%(…)