Vulnerability in iOS 6.1 allows iPhone to be compromised through the lock screen

By manipulating a few emergency calls and the power button, the user can gain access to the interface of the phone. One of the users of the service under the name videosdebarraquito YouTube posted a video instruction Bypass lock screen on iPhone 5 running iOS versions 6.1, 6.0.2 and 6.0.1. As follows from the record,(…)

Microsoft plans to release a software package Microsoft Office for Linux

Microsoft has released a new package of Microsoft Office 2013, so it can concentrate on creating a product that can work not just on Windows. Sources claim that Microsoft has already started work on a new software package Microsoft Office for OS kernel Linux. There is also speculation that Microsoft plans to create a completely(…)

Untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1

A group of hackers “evad3rs” announced the release of the informal version of the OS. According to the group of hackers calling themselves “evad3rs”, in the public domain appeared to untether iOS 6.x. Unofficial version of the operating system Apple is available for download on the web-site of independent developers. “Jailbreak evasi0n iOS 6/6.1 saw(…)

Untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 will be released on February 3rd

Developers of unofficial version of the operating system reported successful hacking attempt. According to the hacker group «evad3rs» on Twitter, experts in hacking iOS successfully conducted the first test to compromise iOS 6.1. «IOS 6.1, as it turned out, is vulnerable to the exploits that we planned to use” – results from the notice of(…)

Chinese Android users warned of large-scale botnet

Initially, the botnet was discovered in 2011 and now it has been introduced in about seven thousand applications for Android. Researchers in the field of information security in China warn users of devices based on Android the discovery of large-scale botnet aimed at the platform. The botnet has got more than a million gadgets. Originally the(…)

99% of malware targets Android

A recent study shows that the amount of malware targeting Android is incredibly large. Researchers’ at Kaspersky ” found that 99% of newly discovered malware on mobile devices are aimed, in general, at Android, and only a small number of them focused on smart phones running on Java and Symbian. In January 2011, the researchers(…)

CES 2013: Portable console NVIDIA Project Shield with Android

NVIDIA has announced a portable gaming console called Project Shield, which is running an operating system Android (Jelly Bean). It is stated that it is designed to allow users to “enjoy” games for Android and Windows. And if Android-games are quite clear that from Windows-based applications, everything is a little more complicated. Home games can(…)

Next Windows will have a new kernel and will get a new interface

Experts believe that the operating system is likely to be a large-scale upgrade to Windows 8 and not a separate product. According to Neowin referring ostensibly to one of the staff of Microsoft, unofficial data has spread over the internet about a new version of the operating system called Windows Blue which will have an(…)

New Android-Trojan capable of DDoS-attacks

Trojan Android.DDoS.1.origin is capable of DDoS-attacks on various internet resources and can send text messages to the team attacks, says the antivirus company “Doctor Web”. Once installed on the mobile Android-device, the Trojan creates Android.DDoS.1.origin application icon, with the same icon of Google Play. Which significantly reduces the risk of any suspicion if the user(…)

Microsoft re-released a patch for PowerPoint

The vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system. Microsoft re-released the patch, which was intended to remedy a serious security flaw in the application font OpenType. Note that after the release of the original version of the patch, the font was unreadable for many users of PowerPoint and other applications.(…)