Windows Developer Preview 8 downloaded 500 thousand times in 12 hours

Windows Developer Preview 8 is now available for download . Today it became known that the operating system version predreliznogo redmondtsev 12 hours downloaded by more than 500 thousand users. Such statistics may surprise many users, especially when you consider that the release of Windows Developer Preview 8 is nowhere PR, as opposed to running Mac OS X Lion,(…)

Ubuntu EducationPack 11.04

Developer Community UALinux announced the release of EducationPack 11.04 – Package add-ons to operating systems, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, based on use in education. Submitted by enthusiasts decision applies in the form of ISO-image size 2.5 GB and includes a set of specialized applications for students in lower grades, as well as secondary and higher education establishments. In addition(…)

Windows 8: Tons of new features for added protection

The next version of Microsoft’s Windows will be equipped with “tons of features for added security”, including automatic virus scanning devices, as well as an upgraded version of an antivirus program Widows Defender, says the company. On Tuesday at a conference in California BUILD vice president of planning and the Windows ecosystem Angilo Michael has(…)

Botnets are growing on Android

The number of infected devices with Google Android, actively interacting with the command and control server (C & C), increased significantly in recent months and is expected to increase this figure, according to a report released last week by Damballa. During the first half of 2011 sensor network Damballa found in North America approximately 40(…)

Windows 7: 450 million copies

Microsoft announced a significant achievement of Windows 7 in October 2009 when it was released a new operating system, the company managed to sell 450 million licenses. The figure looks more impressive if you divide it by the number of days – one day is sold almost 650,000 copies of the OS. For comparison, a failed(…)

Intel Atom E will come on Android-devices in 2012

Judging by the rumors appeared on the network, Intel plans to come to the market of processors for Android-devices in 2012. While the processors of losing the competition in cost and power consumption, but over time the situation may change. According to reports, Intel is going to make our modification of the operating system on the basis(…)

Android overtake iOS by downloading applications in 2011

According to research firm Ovum, it is expected that this year will surpass the Android Apple applications on the number of downloads from its online stores, as demand for applications continues to grow. Report Company Mobile Application Download and Revenue Forecast: 2011-16 predicts that Android users will download apps 8.1 billion during 2011, compared with 1.4 billion(…)

Microsoft added support for Hyper-V in Windows 8

Microsoft announced that future versions of Windows client 8 will support the creation and management of virtual machines, Hyper-V to 64-bit systems. The company says that the platform will require a 64-bit processor, 64-bit Windows version 8 and 4 GB of RAM. Once the software Hyper-V will be launched, customers will be able to create and run(…)

Virtual Access Point Wi-Fi on Windows 7

Turn your PC or laptop using Wi-Fi-adapter to the access point for other wireless devices is relatively simple.It is surprising that on such a wonderful opportunity not know so many people, even among advanced users. In the case of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, this is just one of many innovations that went(…)

Parallels Desktop for Mac 7

The company announced the release of  Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac. The seventh generation of the popular solutions to simultaneously run Windows on your Mac without rebooting features more than 90 new features, including work with Mac OS x Lion, increase productivity, and integration between desktop and mobile software platforms. In Parallels Desktop 7 added full(…)