Apple is testing iPhone with A5X chip and 1 GB of RAM and runs on the new iPod touch

Just a few interesting rumors about future Apple products published on the site 9to5Mac. According to one of them, the company allegedly already started internal testing of a prototype next-generation iPhone, known under the code name of the iPhone 5 . Moreover, the “apple” smartphone, according to the irreducible data, is the owner of the(…)

Sophos criticized new features in the protection of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Representatives of Sophos commented favorably on the idea of ??a new security functionality from Apple, but criticized its implementation. Representatives for Sophos said that the new functional protection, developed by Apple and integrated into the new version of Mac OS X – Gatekeeper – «leaves much to be desired.” Recall that the January 16th Apple(…)

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.7.3

Apple has today released the third cumulative update for its operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, as well as a new version of the web browser Safari 5.1.3. In a brief covering note to update the company reports that the fix is the average degree of importance, since it is not eliminated any critically dangerous(…)

Gold MacBook Pro laptop in St. Petersburg


Gold MacBook Pro with inlay and logo in diamonds

What should I do with the series laptop to instantly increase by several times its market price and thus leave unchanged electronic stuffing? The answer seems obvious – you just clothe machine in a brilliant body of this 24-karat gold, put on the surface of the spectacular ornate design and decorate the top cover of(…)

New Trojan for Mac OS X is hidden inside PDF

Malicious programs to Mac OS X, simply can not compete with the Windows Malicious Software on the prevalence or diversity. But, apparently, malicious programs for OS X can learn from some of the most successful schemes, which are used to trick users Windows-viruses. Researchers presented a sample of the Trojan running in OS X, which disguises(…)

Parallels Desktop for Mac 7

The company announced the release of  Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac. The seventh generation of the popular solutions to simultaneously run Windows on your Mac without rebooting features more than 90 new features, including work with Mac OS x Lion, increase productivity, and integration between desktop and mobile software platforms. In Parallels Desktop 7 added full(…)

Apple finally speaks about the infection Mac Defender

Apple has released recommendations for users, dedicated to growing problem with infections of Pseudo-Anti-Mac Defender. The company has published a document on security issues relating to how to deal with malware, Mac Defender, which uses JavaScript for the introduction create fake anti-virus software on the selected target computer. ON also contributes to the fact that(…)

Sunset era impenetrable defense Mac

It’s no secret that the business software platform becomes ill, when hackers open “hunting season” on her vulnerability. Such is the success fee Apple: starts to appear upscale target software designed specifically for the platform Apple. For several years, experts in information security predicted that as soon as Apple will occupy a substantial share of(…)

Install MacOS X Tiger on a PC

It’s no secret that all new Macintosh operating components on the rocks of Intel. Also, few people have not heard of that, along with the transition to Intel Macs MacOS X has been hacked and now runs on regular PC. But what prevents the masses to move to a stable, very comfortable and beautiful (Vista(…)