Ubuntu 11.10 Beta

Ubuntu development team has announced the availability of the first beta version of the next major release of the operating system of the same name, received index 11.10 and codenamed Oneiric Ocelot. When a new version of the product developers paid particular attention to improving the user interface, performance, stability and security of the OS. The basis of(…)

Mandriva Linux 2011 Released

More than a year since the release of the last great version was announced production release of Mandriva Linux 2011 . Mandriva 2011 release has been prepared by an international team of developers, consisting of specialists from the Russian company “ROSA”, Brazilian and French Conectiva Mandriva. Distribution is available as a DVD-assembly, which supports work in the Live-view with the ability(…)

Linux turns 20 years old

Today marks the official birthday of Linux. After 5 months of development August 25, 1991 a 21-year-old student, Linus Torvalds announced in a teleconference comp.os.minix to create a working prototype of a new Linux operating system for which it was noted the completion of bash 1.08 portirovniya and gcc 1.40. The new kernel has been created(…)

The verge of virtual worlds are investigated with new and unusual virtualization technologies

  Virtualization … In recent years the word has acquired simply magical properties. About Virtualization say anywhere not prohibited, and all those who can. However, something truly new and interesting things not to say almost none. I fill this gap and will talk about three new very interesting and useful virtualization technologies. Penguin in a container Just a few(…)

Booting Linux and Windows using the Windows boot loader

If Windows is your kin, and more needs to be used as the primary operating system, consider how the native loader Window to add Linux.  The basis of the situation we assume that Linux was installed after the Window, that is currently in use boot Linux. Boot the operating system Linux, run the console, you(…)

Installing Delphi 7 on linux

Solution: Wine Wine (/ wa?n / – between the “Wine” and “Vine”) – a free software that allows users of UNIX-like systems, the x86 (and other architectures in the presence of compatibility, for example, AMD64) to perform 16 – 32 – and 64 – bit applications Microsoft Windows (64-bit applications under early implementation). Wine also provides(…)

Asus launches Eee PC with Ubuntu

Asus begins delivery of Eee PC models with pre- operating system Linux. This decision was taken because of the growing popularity of the business community. The system will come with a set of applications for editing documents, including programs for making spreadsheets and presentations, Adobe Flash, and as the browser Mozilla Firefox. Chris Kenyon, vice(…)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 Released

After half a year since the release of RHEL 6.0, Red Hat announced the release of distribution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1, which presents a correction Error, the implementation support of new equipment and adding new opportunities, while maintaining full compatibility with the software environment branches RHEL 6.x. In the announcement says that in recent(…)

Red Hat launches platform CloudForms and OpenShift

The company Red Hat, producing software products based on open source code, presented a line of platforms, designed to expand the number of public cloud services that are available for administrators and developers. The company said that the platform CloudForms and OpenShift would like businesses and developers to work with public and private clouds which(…)

OpenBSD 4.9 Released

Developers of open source operating system OpenBSD today announced the release of OS OpenBSD 4.9, has received support for the latest 64-bit processors, now existing in the mass market. One of the main innovations of version 4.9 is enhanced support for multiprocessor systems, SMP-kernel version now supports up to 64 cores. The new version of(…)