OpenSUSE 12.1

OpenSUSE project today announced the release of the final version of Linux-distribution OpenSUSE 12.1, running on the new kernel Linux 3.1, Gnome 3.2 desktop environment and supporting the cloud platform developers OwnCloud environment KDE. In addition, the new OpenSUSE supports the new software to configure SystemD OS and programming language Google Go. Recall that only the beta(…)

OpenBSD 5.0 Released

Today it was officially announced a new version of the free operating system OpenBSD – 5.0. Despite the large change in the version number (from 4.9 to 5.0), the revolutionary changes in OpenBSD has been submitted. Just adopted a numbering system to OpenBSD includes incrementing the first number in the version number after the tenth release. Timed(…)

Ubuntu will be used in phones and tablets

Summit developers Ubuntu Developer Summit – taking place twice a year event where members of the Ubuntu community razrabotcheskogo gather to plan the implementation of the next version of Linux – will be held this week in Florida. As usual, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth starts the event with a presentation of basic ideas. According to a(…)

The KDE project is 15 years old

October 14 1996 Matthias Ettrih presented a project to create a new free desktop environment, beyond the window manager based on end-users rather than system administrators, and capable of competing with the then available commercial products, such as CDE. One of the important decisions affecting the fate of the project was to use the new library(…)

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

The team Ubuntu developers announced the availability for download the final version of the operating system of the same name, received index 11.10 and codenamed Oneiric Ocelot. Compared with the previous version of the updated software platform has undergone some major changes. Project participants have improved graphical environment Unity, included in the distribution package updated fonts(…)

UEFI: a long-awaited successor to the BIOS and Linux sworn friend

To replace the old as the computer world, the BIOS comes something completely new called UEFI.Unfortunately, apart from the masses of useful innovations, UEFI will bring with it many problems. Thus, it is possible that in the next year to install some Linux distributions on the new computers will be simply impossible … Developed over thirty(…)

Ubuntu 12.04 will be known under the codename Precise Pangolin

Canonical founder and one of the popular Linux distribution guru Mark Shuttleworth  shared some details about the upcoming Ubuntu release numbered 4.12, which is slated for April 2012.Reportedly, in particular, that the software platform will codenamed Precise Pangolin, that is an exact or precise pangolin, and will be edited by LTS Ubuntu (the version with(…)

Tizen: new Linux-platform for mobile devices

Linux Foundation and the organization of LiMo Foundation announced a project to develop a new Tizen software platform for mobile devices and consumer electronics. It is noted that in the process of creating another operating system on the Linux kernel will be considered accepted industry standards. The platform will be “cross-architecture”, which means support for devices(…)

Ubuntu app store launches Ubuntu App Developer

Ubuntu opens Ubuntu App Developer. Website developed in strict adherence to the concept that sustainable business development and further implementation of Ubuntu should provide an opportunity to buy the application, and install free open source software. In this regard, was built on existing tools, such as Ubuntu Software Centre and My Apps, and offers a(…)

Ubuntu EducationPack 11.04

Developer Community UALinux announced the release of EducationPack 11.04 – Package add-ons to operating systems, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, based on use in education. Submitted by enthusiasts decision applies in the form of ISO-image size 2.5 GB and includes a set of specialized applications for students in lower grades, as well as secondary and higher education establishments. In addition(…)