Developers have released Linux Ubuntu operating system for TV

According to the experts, the platform will be available to Ubuntu TV in the market by the end of the year. Representatives of the company Canonical, which developed the popular distribution Linux Ubuntu, announced release of the first stable version of the Ubuntu TV, designed for the so-called “smart” TVs – Smart TV. As specialists specified, the(…)

Mandriva announced bankrupt in a week

After only two months after the new Mandriva Linux distribution Mandriva 2011 the company officially announced that close to collapse. Recall that already quite a long time Mandriva is in a difficult situation, feeling the need for strong leadership and finances. In addition, at the end of last year, Mandriva developers split from the main project and(…)

PayPal in the center of Ubuntu Software

In the center of the applications Ubuntu, to be able to purchase commercial applications, has added a new electronic payment system called PayPal. This new feature has been implemented for users, as the possibility of more convenient and comfortable way to purchase paid applications, books and magazines from the center of the applications Ubuntu, using their account(…)

Easily switch between LightDM and GDM

Consider a simple switch between multiple display managers installed in Ubuntu, or any other distro based on Debian. For example, if you set together LightDM and GDM, then to choose LightDM default, with the possibility to switch to GDM, run the following command in Terminal: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm This will work for GDM, and any(…)

Cinnamon – a fork of GNOME Shell in the style of Gnome 2

Clement Lefebvre, founder of the distro Linux Mint, started work on setting fork GNOME Shell named Cinnamon , which is similar to the classic interface GNOME 2. The main purpose of its creation was to combine new technologies used in the GNOME Shell, with a more conventional user interface Gnome 2. Clement Lefebvre also noted that extensions to(…)

Canonical removes the Oracle Sun Java with custom systems

As a result of revocation of a license for Oracle’s Sun Java JDK for Linux operating systems and the October 20 message to the elimination of critical vulnerabilities by Canonical for security it has been decided to immediately remove browser plug-in Sun JDK. Sun JDK package currently is available through the partner repository, from which it is usually(…)

Ubuntu Server Shutdown Button Removed

In the latest build of Ubuntu, Server Shutdown Button was removed from the package installed by default package acpid. On one side it is correct, for nefig, on the other hand, for home and office servers, it is necessary, as it is responsible for the daemon that tracks by pressing buttons and reacting to the(…)

The first alpha release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Alpha 1

Today is now available for download the first alpha release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin. Release is not recommended to be installed, as in the early stages of development. The final release is expected April 26. Your changes: Removed player Banshee, Tomboy notes manager and puzzle gbrainy. As a music player is now the default(…)

Linux Mint 12 ‘Lisa’ Now Available

The Linux Mint team on Saturday announced the release of the latest release of their increasingly popular distro. The release of Linux Mint 12 “Lisa” comes at a time when the five-year-old distro is experiencing a strong surge in its popularity. Hit the jump to find out more about this biannual Mint release. Here’s a list(…)

Linux users have lost interest in Ubuntu

Ubuntu operating system descended from the second to fourth place in the ranking of the popularity of Linux-distributions.This is evidenced by statistics for the last month on the site, reflecting the interest of visitors to operating systems. The first place last year, is designed based on the Ubuntu operating system Linux Mint.Moreover, as noted by Pingdom,(…)