Linux “stepped over the desktop”

Recently, the Linux community was much discussion of the news that the share of Linux on desktops for the first time broke the one per cent. This magical barrier seemed enchanted, and a free operating system has never showed the market share of more than 1% for all eighteen years of its existence. This situation seemed rather(…)

Linux-PC with a sniffer disguised as an electric plug

In the U.S., started a startup Rapid Security Focus , which specializes in the production of listening devices is very interesting kind of – they are disguised as electric and telephone plug. Such devices can be installed in office in full view of the entire staff – and no one will suspect that something was wrong, except(…)

Dell’s Migration from SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux

In June of 2010, Dell made the decision to migrate 1,700 systems from SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux, while leaving the hardware and application layers unchanged. Standardization across the Linux platforms helped make this large-scale conversion possible. The majority of the site-specific operating system and application configuration could simply be backed up and restored directly(…)

A vulnerability in sudo gives root access to the system

The vulnerability exists in the functional debugger, which does not handle the name of the executable application. The program sudo, intended to delegate privileges to users with monitoring their work, discovered a critical vulnerability allows execution of arbitrary code on the system. The sudo command is used by many distributions, Linux, to Mac OS X, as well(…)

The release of an open platform for KDE 4.8

Developers of the open desktop environment KDE, which operate on the basis of many Linux-and Unix-distributions are reported on a new version of its development, as well as a complete set of programs that come along with it. As stated in the description, the new version of KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications and KDE Platform 4.8(…)

Red Hat releases a new version of Enterprise MRG

Red Hat has continued to update its line of enterprise software with the release of previously announced product MRG, which is a software stack for high performance and mission-critical computing systems, which imposed the most stringent requirements in terms of availability and speed perform routine tasks.Let us recall that in December 2011, Red Hat has(…)

Linux Foundation: in 2011 the popularity of Linux as a whole increased

The popularity of the Linux operating system among the mass of users grows and becomes an open operating system for many reasons more and more popular among both new and existing users of. The main reasons for the popularity of Linux, most users are called low cost of ownership, technical capabilities and safety. These conclusions follow from(…)

The increasing complexity of the Linux kernel causes concern in Linus Torvalds

Torvalds considers unacceptable the fact that in any partition the OS can understand only a few people from the community. According to German magazine Zeit, Linus Torvalds has expressed its concern about the rapid sophistication kernel Linux. Torvalds considers unacceptable the fact that in any partition the OS can understand only a few people from the community.(…)

Members tablets based on Windows 8 will not work with Linux

One of the new aspects of the operating system, Windows 8 is the subject of considerable controversy among developers and users. We are talking about the possibility of forced load, which has responsibilities – to protect the boot sector of a computer or a tablet from the impact of malicious code. However, as a side effect(…)

U.S. Air Force are switching to Linux

Changing the platform data is associated with an event last year in the flight safety incident the U.S. Air Force base. According to The Register, referring to the researcher in the field of information security Mikko Hypponen (Mikko Hypponen), the U.S. military reconnaissance drones converted to work with the Linux-platform instead of Windows. Let us recall that in September(…)