Linux kernel has a bug that disables USB-devices

One of the developers of the Linux kernel Sarah Sharpe at Intel sprinkles ashes on his head : for the eight years of work on Linux USB stack are repeatedly confronted with a situation where USB-device is suddenly disconnected after leaving the standby mode activated auto-Suspend . All the while, the problem ascribed to Chinese(…)

The new 0day-vulnerability in Linux 2.6.37 – 3.8.8

A few days ago an exploit ready was published, which carries an escalation of privileges in Linux 2.6.37 – 3.8.8. The code shown on the link, anyone can compile and run on your system, checking its operation. If it does not work, it’s not a reason to calm: it may just need a more qualitative exploit. Detailed explanation of(…)

Debian 7.0 Wheezy with multiarchitecture and installation in blind mode

After two more years of development, the Debian Project has finally issued the release its next major stable release of the popular operating system Debian 7.0 (code-named “Wheezy”). The new version has some interesting features, such as support multiarchitecture and special tools for deploying private clouds . Multiarchitecture means that users can be installed on(…)

Microsoft plans to release a software package Microsoft Office for Linux

Microsoft has released a new package of Microsoft Office 2013, so it can concentrate on creating a product that can work not just on Windows. Sources claim that Microsoft has already started work on a new software package Microsoft Office for OS kernel Linux. There is also speculation that Microsoft plans to create a completely(…)

Universal USB Installer Create bootable USB Flash Drives

New version of Universal-USB-Installer – Checker, which is designed to create a bootable flash drives. After starting The letter, which is currently pegged stick. Then select the name of the assembly for Linux, which is to be written to the media. List available for copying to USB-drive assemblies, Linux sorted by category – base assembly(…)

Ctek AMD for Linux will be fully open

A week ago at a conference AMD Fusion Developer Summit was represented by a new open initiative Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation, which consisted of AMD, ARM, Texas Instruments, MediaTek, and Imagination. The purpose of HSA Foundation – a unified, open industrial architecture for heterogeneous computing (CPU + GPU), heterogeneous processors that combine two or(…)

Microsoft is preparing a full Linux support in hosting Azure

Knowledgeable insiders within Microsoft reported that on June 7 Redmond giant is going to formally introduce a framework Antares and support Linux virtual machines with the persistent storage. Until now, support for Linux in virtual machines Azure was also, but when you restart the virtual machine was lost – the lack of persistence interfered with the normal operation(…)

Red Hat has earned a billion dollars

In the free software market you can make big money. The undisputed leader in the commercialization of Open Source – by Red Hat. Yesterday, it published a report for the fiscal year 2011 , which ended February 29, 2012. And we can congratulate the “red hats” – they were the first company in the world of Open Source with a(…)

The new version of the Linux kernel contains code to mobile OS Android

In the future, users will be able to use the application for the Android operating system, based on the kernel Linux. Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds announced the release of the kernel Linux. The structure of Linux 3.3. entered the code’s mobile operating system Android. Note that the basis for Android, and so is the(…)

New update of the operating system Oracle Unbreakable Linux

Oracle has released an update for its Linux-distribution. According to a press release on the official web-site Oracle, a new version of Linux-distribution company Oracle Unbreakable Linux. The new version of the kernel was based on Linux 3.0.16 and can be installed on Oracle Linux 5 or 6. Among other things, the developers have implemented(…)