Trojan Android.SpyEye.1 works in conjunction with a colleague for desktop

The company “Doctor Web,” published in September ranking of malicious applications for Android. Their number is still growing: just last month in the virus database has been added to over a hundred new entries. One of the most interesting threats for Android – Trojan Android.SpyEye.1. Risk of contracting the malicious program are subject to, first of all, users,(…)

Malicious software for Android is controlled from blog

Trend Micro reported on Chinese malware for Android, which is partly controlled through the blog. ANDROIDOS_ANSERVERBOT. A malicious program disguised as a reader of electronic books, available in a Chinese shop applications. It uses two command and control server, one of which is a blog, which houses the encrypted message. They point to the URL of the main C &(…)

Mobile Security Personal Edition from Trend Micro for Android

The company Trend Micro announced the release of the new solution Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition, designed to protect against Internet threats smartphones and tablet PCs based on the OS Android. It consists of a scanner to detect malicious applications, parental control, search and protection of stolen and lost devices, as well as tools to ensure the(…)

Botnets are growing on Android

The number of infected devices with Google Android, actively interacting with the command and control server (C & C), increased significantly in recent months and is expected to increase this figure, according to a report released last week by Damballa. During the first half of 2011 sensor network Damballa found in North America approximately 40(…)

Intel Atom E will come on Android-devices in 2012

Judging by the rumors appeared on the network, Intel plans to come to the market of processors for Android-devices in 2012. While the processors of losing the competition in cost and power consumption, but over time the situation may change. According to reports, Intel is going to make our modification of the operating system on the basis(…)

Android overtake iOS by downloading applications in 2011

According to research firm Ovum, it is expected that this year will surpass the Android Apple applications on the number of downloads from its online stores, as demand for applications continues to grow. Report Company Mobile Application Download and Revenue Forecast: 2011-16 predicts that Android users will download apps 8.1 billion during 2011, compared with 1.4 billion(…)

New free software simplifies the analysis of malicious attacks on Android

Two graduate students, responding to concern about possible attacks high on the platform Android, wrote a special program for the analysis of malicious code. The Honeynet Project has helped to create two tools aimed at making the analysis of malicious attacks on Android free and easier – and, ultimately, to help better protect are extremely popular(…)

Android would overtake Apple in the market of tablets by 2015

The dominance of Apple tablet in the market will continue over the next four years – up until it finally catches up with Android her say researchers. Report Informa Telecoms and Media says that the Android operating system will seriously attack on iOS by 2013 and eventually equals the Apple in 2015, and then a(…)

Android is still leading mobile platform for developers

Google Android is still the favorite and most used by developers of mobile software platform, advancing the ecosystem Apple iOS. Study VisionMobile Developer Economics showed that 67% of developers working with the platform Google, compared with 59% in 2010. This increase Android has helped preserve the advantage over iOS, whose share of the attention of(…)

Malicious program DroidKungFu found on the Android platform

Computer researchers warn users of Android on another malicious campaign to this platform. At this time, the program managed to bypass traditional anti-virus filters. Researchers from the University of North Carolina have revealed at least two applications, malware infected DroidKungFu, in eight of Chinese shops and forums. This malicious program is largely due to Android(…)