Software developer asks for forgiveness from a security researcher

Software developer took back his words with regard to the developer Android, which equates to the diagnostic application of a rootkit, which poses a risk to millions of mobile devices. In a statement, which was published on Wednesday, the developer of Carrier IQ apologized Trevor Eckhart for threatening legal action over the publication in which(…)

Android ICS ported to Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 3D

Just a few days have passed since the publication of source code from Google’s new operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and hackers, and mobile enthusiasts have already reported about their first successes in working with this software platform. It is reported, for example, a very successful porting Android ICS on the smartphone Samsung(…)

Root-access to Kindle Fire

Computer enthusiasts have been able to crack Kindle Fire, shipping which Amazon began on 14 November, which will be installed on the device firmware and alternative fine-tuning the operating system, Android Police website reported with reference to the relevant forums. Hackers were able to get root-access to Kindle Fire, providing a full file system access. This(…)

Android has won half of the smartphone market

According to Gartner, Google Android has been detected in more than half of smartphones sold in the third quarter of this year. The operating system scored 52.5% of all sales, doubling the share from the same quarter last year. And this happened despite the fact that many users are put off buying in the summer and(…)

Google released source code for the new version of Android

Google has opened the source code of the last to date version of the operating system Android, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich.This was reported in the group for developers of social networking Google +. Posted code belongs to Android 4.0.1 – this version of the operating system will use the smartphone Galaxy Nexus, which Google announced in(…)

Norton Internet Security 2012 Release

Norton has recently launched its new security “2012” version which not only provides a scan for PC but also for your smart phones & tablets Installing Norton Internet Security 2012 was a flawless and simple. The first thing you’ll notice when you start Norton Internet Security 2012 are the dramatic changes Symantec made to the software’s(…)

34% of malware for Android steal users’ personal data

The second half of 2011 was hot at times for cybercriminals attempting to apply the new fraud schemes in respect of mobile users. According to “Kaspersky Lab” Android platform has finally become the most popular among the creators of mobile malware, ahead of other platforms and ‘universal’ viruses based on Java. Apart from sending messages and(…)

The Trojan spreads in the guise of Android.SmsSend.27 application “Kamasutra for Android”

The company “Doctor Web”, a leading developer of information security, announced that the previously known Trojan Android.SmsSend.27 now distributed under the guise of an application “Kamasutra for Android”. “Dr. Web” has been repeatedly reported malware family Android.SmsSend . Today in the Dr.Web virus database has more than 170 entries for the Trojans Android.SmsSend. Trojan Android.SmsSend.27, which was(…)

Android Ice Cream Sandwich would be better to resist hackers

The new version of the mobile operating system Google Android has been updated to better resist the seizure of mobile devices by hackers operating errors in the code. Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich , added means of protection, known as ASLR, or address space layout randomization. This technology is regularly changing the memory address where the(…)

Enhanced core Android will be used by the U.S. Army and the Government

The U.S. government wants to replace radio communication between law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local level, coupled with smart phones, and has shown in connection with this interest in the new project, which aims to create enhanced core Android. This project was started by experts from Google and George Mason University, and(…)