How to remove Carrier IQ from Android, Blackberry and iPhone

It is still not 100% cleared up the situation with who and for what purposes the use of Carrier IQ smartphone users, but all holders of platforms iOS, Android, and now the Blackberry can be manually removed from the mobile’s built-in friend a tracking system. Harvesting Carrier IQ with iPhone: According to Apple, the majority of smartphones on(…)

Announced Android 4.0.3 with many fixes and optimizations

Malicious programs for Android users hit one million in the first half of 2011

Nearly a million users were affected by malicious software on Android in the first half of 2011, when it was infected with more than 400 applications, according to the latest statistics provided by the manufacturer of security software Lookout Mobile Security. The latest report of the company Mobile Threat Predictions 2012 reported that the number(…)

Android and iOS dominate the smartphone market in the U.S.

Operating system, Android and iOS leaving behind other mobile platforms in the U.S., has secured 82% of the market, according to research analysts NPD Group for the first nine months of 2011. Smartphones running Android occupy 53% of the market. iOS retains 29%. Closes the three BlackBerry with the index 11%, although 5 years ago, this OS(…)

Microsoft uses a malicious software on Android for the promotion of Windows Phone

Microsoft uses the campaign against malicious software to deal with its rival, Android, promising five Windows Phone 7  to users of Android, who would tell the best stories about problems with your phone. “Once again malware for Android! Injured? Share your #droidrage history to win a new #windowsphone. 5 best (worst?) Will win a prize!”(…)

Malicious applications again waded in Android Market

Google’s security team removed at least a dozen games for smartphones with Android Market, after it was discovered that they contained a secret code, for which the owners of phones had to pay dearly for text messages that were sent to premium numbers. Malicious applications that are uploaded to the Google service developer Logastrod, disguised(…)

Google employees are testing Android ICS smartphones Nexus S

Its well known that Google has begun the process of testing updates smartphone Nexus S to version 4.0 Android Ice Cream Sandwich . While it is only available to employees – this is reported, for example, Adel Saud (Adel Saoud) from Google. Now all these posts removed from the Twitter and Google +, but preserved their screenshots. Recall the recently released(…)

Android 4.0 operating system code is available for x86

The source code of the operating system Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) came processor architecture x86. Find everything you need on this site , created by enthusiasts. This project works with 2009 and Ice Cream Sandwich materials for x86 appeared shortly after the publication of the source code of this version of the OS from Google. Thus, developers can run Android Ice(…)

Windows Phone 7 ported to Android

The operating system of Windows Phone 7 is the third largest mobile player after Apple iOS and Google Android. Arsenal though its functions and wide, but it is hardly exclusive, because they are one form or another are present on two parallel platforms. However, the main advantage of this system is its interface, which really is(…)

Antiviral quacks exaggerate fears about Android

Providers of security solutions behave as “charlatans and swindlers” in the propagation of anti-virus applications to protect smartphones from malicious programs, said a supporter of open source software from Google to Chris DiBono his uncompromising attack on the industry. In recent weeks, suppliers of antivirus software, including “Kaspersky Lab”, McAfee and even infrastructure companies such(…)