The victims of large-scale attack on the Android Market have at least 1 million users

Some of the applications affected by virus writers, are still available for download. According to experts from the anti-virus company Symantec, as a result of the largest in the history of attacks on mobile applications store Android Market, were infected with 1-5 million mobile device users.This indicator is calculated from the total number of downloads of applications. As explained(…)

Biggest malware campaign on Android market

Symantec has reported the discovery of the largest malicious campaign against users of the operating system Android. It is estimated Symantec, more than 5 million users downloaded to their mobile devices infected with the application of the Google Android Market. New malicious code called Android.Counterclank was placed in 13 different applications from different publishers and was(…)

Jailbreak for Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S under iOS 5.0.1

The hacker group Chronic Dev Team released an update toolkit GreenPois0n, finally incorporating the jailbreak for Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S under iOS 5.0.1. This is a welcome update, which for many months waiting for the owners of devices Apple. Latest version of the iPad and iPhone was incredibly difficult to crack, this honestly members GreenPois0n. Well,(…)

First version of Computrace for Android Tablet

Developers from Absolute Software announced the release of anti-theft software for tablets. During the exhibition the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, representatives from Absolute Software announced that their software Computrace, intended to prevent the theft of mobile devices is now available as tablet-based operating system Android. Experts also noted that among the standard(…)

100-core processor for Android-tablet

A subsidiary of Creative Technology introduced a 100-core processor that allows you to create 3D-image in Full HD-format on mobile gadgets.The chip is optimized for the platform, Android 4.0. ZiiLABS, a subsidiary of Creative Technology, presented a 100-core multimedia processor ZMS-40 StemCell Media, optimized for devices on the platform Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The chip(…)

New Trojan masquerades for Android application template messages

New Trojan for Android is aimed at Chinese users and allows access to the data device. Researchers at Finnish company F-Secure recently discovered a Trojan for Android, which is aimed at Chinese users.A malicious program disguised as an application AdBoo, containing template messages (jokes, greeting messages, etc.) that users can send to your friends.But in fact, send the message(…)

The Pentagon has approved the use of Android

U.S. Department of Defense authorized the use of devices from Dell systems running Android 2.2. The Pentagon has authorized the use of Android 2.2 platform on hardware from Dell. Earlier, the U.S. Defense Department officials could only use phones BlackBerry. Such action contributed to several factors. First, the Android platform is open source so you can(…)

Hackers send out spam messages using false applications for Android

Hackers used the popular Android application for sending spam policy. In honor of the Tunisian rebel, who committed suicide, hackers have released a modified version of the popular applications for the Android Al Salah. The original version of the application calculates the number of prayers of believers and enables them to determine the direction of Mecca.(…)

HTC phones based on Android banned in the U.S. from next year

Apple has just won a major victory in the trial of HTC, which can make HTC stop selling its devices based on Android in the U.S.. U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that HTC violates their patent Apple devices based on Android c 1.6 to 2.2. Among the devices, sales of which may be banned in the(…)

Crash reports to Apple to help hackers create an exploit to jailbreak

Jailbreaking an iPhone is a hot topic of the moment, as Apple has released the first device. According to the latest news, BBC, thousands of smartphone owners have joined forces with a team of hackers to help them find new ways jailbreaking smartphone software, and crackers use crash reports to Apple for unlocking devices. The team of(…)