Convert and Import .vcf files without Kies to Samsung Android

I had a blackberry before so when I was importing my contacts into my galaxy tab p2600, I had a backup of my contacts in .vcf files so I openend cmd  opened the directory where all the vcf files were stored then typed copy /B *.vcf allinone.vcf then copied the allinone.vcf file into a folder on(…)

Trojan steals data from IBM through motion sensor and accelerometer phone

The program TapLogger allows you to record what virtual key user clicks on the touch screen phone. Representatives from the State University of Pennsylvania in the United States in conjunction with programmers from IBM introduced a new pilot program for the operating system Android, which allows you to steal passwords and other sensitive information using the(…)

Researchers have found MBR-rootkit for Android

DKFBootKit can be integrated into the boot process and run up to the initiation of the platform. According to the study of NQ Mobile Security, which specializes in mobile security, the Internet appeared MBR-rootkit for Android – DKFBootKit. How to specify experts malicious application can be integrated into the boot process of the operating system,(…)

Cybercriminals use fake Google Play to spread malware

On the fake website Google Play mobile applications offer users infected with malicious code. Experts from TrendMicro recorded a fake domain name Google Play, which contains malicious mobile applications. Recall that Google Play is the new name of Android Market. malicious link sends the user to a fake Russian site Google Play, which contains the(…)

Dr.Web: A virtual girl from a program I-Girl entices Money users

he specialists of “Doctor Web” warned users of devices based on Android OS on the potentially dangerous application. Experts of company “Doctor Web,” warned users of mobile devices based on Android OS on the emergence of potentially dangerous programs, which “entices” Money users. According to “Dr. Web”, in the period from December 31 to February(…)

ASUS expects to receive one of the first Android 5.0 Jelly Bean

Vice President of ASUS Benson Lin ( Lin Benson ), told reporters from  TechRadar, that when the operating system Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is complete, the company will receive a novelty among the first. At least, Lin assesses the likelihood of such developments as high, and explains his belief that ASUS and Google are now “very close”. Thus, this fall(…)

Android 5.0 is due out this spring – Sources

Taiwanese online publication Digitimes, citing its own sources in the environment of smartphone manufacturers reported that the release of the operating system Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will take place during the second quarter of this year. Sources among smartphone manufacturers also report that Jelly Bean gets some of the functionality that previously existed only in the(…)

Chrome browser released for Android

Google released a beta version of Chrome browser for smartphones and tablets on Android. This was reported in the company’s official blog. Like Chrome for computers, mobile browser supports hardware acceleration of graphics and is based on the “engine” JavaScript V8. From the “Computer” browser, he inherited as “omniboks” (omnibox) – the address bar, combined with a search(…)

The new Android-trojan server technology uses a rare polymorphism

Anti-virus company Symantec has discovered a new Trojan horse for the operating system Android, which modifies the code each time it is downloaded in order to avoid detection by security tools. Symantec said that the technology “server polymorphism” has previously been used by malicious software, but so far – only in case of malicious software(…)

Sophos: Counterclank not malware for Android

Experts from Sophos’s claim that it is a trojan Counterclank advertising. Earlier this week, experts from Symantec found a Trojan Counterclank, which, they claimed, was the most commonvirus in the current year. However, the company Lookout, which specializes in mobile security, they had not agreed, stating that this is just an aggressive form of online advertising.This information was confirmed by(…)