Trojan captures Android.Spy.40.origin Android-smartphones

Domestic company “Doctor Web” reported an outbreak of a new Trojan Android.Spy.40.origin, designed for OS Google Android. So far, he’s seen only in South Korea, but it is unlikely he will be based in this country and beyond. Trojan Android.Spy.40.origin can leak on a smartphone is completely transparent, and even anti-virus system will not sound(…)

How to turn Android-powered device into a tool for pentesting?

The market of mobile phones and tablet computers flooded the millions of devices running Android. Sometimes I wonder, how could Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie imagined that their creation, which is about 44 years old, will affect the core of Linux, Google, Apple and so on. Now we are surrounded by a sea of devices(…)

Code for spoofing APK preserving digital signatures on Android-powered devices

A few days ago, the company Bluebox Security announced that at the Black Hat USA 2013 conference, which begins July 27, 2013, they will talk about the enchanting vulnerability in the security model of the operating system Android, which allows an attacker to modify the contents of the APK file, without changing the cryptographic signature. In other words, any(…)

Chinese Android users warned of large-scale botnet

Initially, the botnet was discovered in 2011 and now it has been introduced in about seven thousand applications for Android. Researchers in the field of information security in China warn users of devices based on Android the discovery of large-scale botnet aimed at the platform. The botnet has got more than a million gadgets. Originally the(…)

99% of malware targets Android

A recent study shows that the amount of malware targeting Android is incredibly large. Researchers’ at Kaspersky ” found that 99% of newly discovered malware on mobile devices are aimed, in general, at Android, and only a small number of them focused on smart phones running on Java and Symbian. In January 2011, the researchers(…)

CES 2013: Portable console NVIDIA Project Shield with Android

NVIDIA has announced a portable gaming console called Project Shield, which is running an operating system Android (Jelly Bean). It is stated that it is designed to allow users to “enjoy” games for Android and Windows. And if Android-games are quite clear that from Windows-based applications, everything is a little more complicated. Home games can(…)

New Android-Trojan capable of DDoS-attacks

Trojan Android.DDoS.1.origin is capable of DDoS-attacks on various internet resources and can send text messages to the team attacks, says the antivirus company “Doctor Web”. Once installed on the mobile Android-device, the Trojan creates Android.DDoS.1.origin application icon, with the same icon of Google Play. Which significantly reduces the risk of any suspicion if the user(…)

Apple is seeking a ban on the sale of Jelly Bean devices

According to lawyers of the American corporation, Jelly Bean is violating its patents for the use of the stylus. According to the news agency Bloomberg, corporation lawyers Apple said in court that the smartphone Galaxy Note 10.1 of Samsung Electronics violates patents American corporation. The announcement was made ??yesterday in federal court in San Diego,(…)

Level 1- Error while running my First Android Application

Error I received while running my first Android App on Eclipse Classic- Failed to install HelloAndroid.apk on device ’emulator-5554! Run the AVD Manager > Edit >Change Built in to HVGA > Save Changes (click on Edit AVD and close) Then Run the App, it worked like wonders 😛

Level 1- Error while creating AVD (Unable to find a file for ABI armeabi)

An error occurs while creating AVD for Android 4 & above – “Unable to find a file for ABI armeabi to copy into the AVD folder” For that all you need to do is the following Step 1) Open Eclipse and click on Run Configurations (pull down the arrow next to the Run or Debug(…)