Broadcom has launched a chip 5G Wi-Fi

At the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show will be a presentation of the new high-speed wireless data technology, which is at least three times faster than today’s networks WiFi. The company Broadcom, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of telecommunications chips, the first mass show a set of chips that work in the wireless standard IEEE 802.11ac. The(…)

HP and the “Elvis-plus” test drive “force” 5.3 on HP ProLiant servers

HP in conjunction with the “Elvis-Plus” announce the completion of the regular testing program complex «VPN / FW” Zastava “version 5.3” that implements the functions of firewall and cryptographic channels based communication protocol IPSec. HP and the “Elvis-Plus” is actively working to improve the performance of their decisions as to meet current customer requirements and(…)

Cisco Expo: No, without a record

At the end of November in Moscow hosted an annual conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Cisco Expo. So it was at this time, and increase the participants of the Moscow Cisco Expo-2011 was the most impressive in the history of these forums, and the number attending the conference ICT specialists, analysts and journalists for the(…)

By 2015, users will download 6.5 exabytes of mobile traffic

The development of wireless communications will lead to a rapid increase in consumption of mobile Internet traffic, according to Pingdom, and publish a forecast that the rate of consumption of mobile data traffic over the next 4 years will grow by almost 10 times.With regard to trends in wireless communications, by 2015 21 1% of(…)

Google maps on internal communications, IPv6

Google will translate all internal networks and communication processes in their offices around the world to a new version of Internet protocol IPv6. About it in passing in the American Conference Boston Usenix Large Installation System Administration (LISA) said Irena Nikolova, network communications engineer Google. According to her, Google on their own experience was convinced that(…)

Cisco introduced a platform CloudVerse

Cisco wants to get into the cloud computing space with the release of iron and a service platform CloudVerse. According to the company, the platform, which combines the Cisco Unified Computing to network equipment and services, will try to offer solutions in the range of public and private cloud models to hybrid computing in the(…)

New wireless router D-Link DSR-250N with a firewall

Company D-Link announced the expansion of the unified series routers, Unified Services . The new wireless router with firewall D-Link DSR-250N is designed for organizations secure high-speed networking sector SOHO. D-Link DSR-250N is equipped with 8 LAN-port 10/100/1000BASE-T, WAN port 10/100/1000BASE-T, USB 2.0 port for connecting a network printer or storage, as well as a console port RJ-45(…)

All-over-IP 2011: Intelligent Video 2.0 Conference

Forum All-over-IP 2011 is a conference Intelligent Video 2.0. Everything you ever wanted to know about video analytics, but did not know who to ask and how to distinguish the myths from the real working technology – November 23 at All-over-IP 2011. Visitor Registration: . For the first time the unique composition of experts – designers, builders(…)

Failure in Juniper Network routers caused problems on the Web

Operation of the set number of Web sites was disrupted on Monday afternoon, after the routers Juniper Network, using the software JunOS versions 10.2 and 10.3 obresetili Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) connection. The problem has affected several Internet service providers and companies, including Level3. She confirmed that the problem was caused by the routers in its(…)

Cisco demonstrates the importance of the Internet in everyday life

Cisco study showed that every third student and young professional thinks the Internet is as important as basic, necessary for human resources, such as air, water, food and shelter. Cisco report also revealed that more than half of respondents in the study can not live without the Internet and view it as “an integral part(…)