Qualcomm announced a new line of chips for WiFi at speeds up to 1.3 GB/sec

Qualcomm mobile electronics manufacturer has announced a new line of chips, whose work will allow future portable electronic devices to achieve data rates in wireless mode, up to 1.3 GB / sec. As described in Qualcomm, the company plans to release a line of solutions for mobile and desktop computers and network equipment. It is expected that(…)

ZyXEL introduced universal 3G/4G-internet-centers for LTE and UMTS

The company introduced the ZyXEL is one of the world’s first Internet-centers to connect to the Internet through a network of LTE and UMTS. Compared with the model ZLR-2070S two years ago, has built new LTE5121 antenna access point Wi-Fi 802.11n and Gigabit Ethernet switch for the four-simultaneous connection to the Internet, several network devices equipped with the(…)

StatCounter: Mobile traffic increased by 2 times per year

According to the survey, most of the traffic generated by users of mobile phones Nokia. According to research conducted by StatCounter, during 2011 the amount of traffic generated by mobile devices (without tablet computers),increased 2-fold. The largest share in this indicator belongs to the users mobile phone company Nokia (37,67%). The share of smart phones from Apple is(…)

Cisco announced an updated beta version of WebEx services

[amzn_multi_product_inline keyword=’cisco’ count=’1′ page=” sort=” category=”] Cisco announced a beta version of the updated service WebEx, a platform for multimedia communication and collaboration, and free access to it. The beta version of the WebEx features include file sharing, the organization of HD-video conferencing, instant messaging, as well as the status display function access subscribers, manage contact(…)

NETGEAR Powerline XAVB5101 and Wi-Fi adapter WNCE4004 for videos and games

Company NETGEAR introduced two new products that simplify connecting to your home network, equipped with an Ethernet port consoles and entertainment devices. For consumers who want a simple connection to the plug-and-play single device, such as television or video game console, a new set of Powerline XAVB5101 turns ordinary electrical outlet into a high-speed network port(…)

Windows 8 will receive advanced networking capabilities – Microsoft

Microsoft said that in a future operating system, Windows 8 it is going to greatly simplify and automate the installation and connection to wireless broadband connection. In the corporate blog 8 Building Windows Program Manager Microsoft Devices and Networking Group Billy Anders wrote that the future flagship operating system gets a lot of new tools that(…)

IPv6 will become the new Internet standard in June

Currently, most Internet users around the world use the fourth version of the Internet Protocol that has been virtually exhausted its possibilities. In its stead is a new development, called IPv6. And now finally, officially announced that the world’s leading providers of network equipment manufacturers and devices, and Internet companies jointly agreed to include permanent support Internet(…)

Netgear has announced a dual-band repeater to improve WiFi-networks

Netgear Company announced the global launch repeater WN2500RP, which is specifically designed to increase wireless coverage and optimize any existing home network. This dual-band device extends the coverage of existing wireless signal from your router or gateway, as in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band providing convenience to consumers of improved connection WiFi. Providing work simultaneously(…)

New wireless technology WiGig promises ultra-fast data transfer

WiGig Alliance is moving in with their wireless technology WiGig, which uses the unlicensed 60 GHz band to transmit data at multigigabit speeds. President and chief Ali Sadri WiGig Alliance says the wireless standard may be popular on a global scale and to complement the current portfolio of wireless technologies used for data transmission. WiGig spec-MAC have(…)

Forrester Research: Internet will soon disappear

Analyst at research firm said that the traditional model of the Internet will soon disappear and it will be replaced by the so-called “Internet applications.” In place of the traditional model of the Internet comes the so-called “Internet applications.” This was stated by the founder of research firm Forrester Research George Colony (George Colony) at(…)