How to Use Pinterest for Business

isn’t just another social media network. What appears to be the fastest-growing social media site ever has become a huge traffic referral (arguably, more powerful than Google+) for all businesses. An increasing number of companies are leveraging the platform to reach a new audience, increase visits to their websites, and generate leads or retail sales.(…)

Animated GIFs with 3D effect

American artist and designer Dane Fagerholm (Dain Fagerholm) has mastered a new area of art: hand-drawn animation with 3D-effect . He created images in the form of animated GIFs do look amazing. Figure at the top – Daydreamer (stereography). It is a gel pen and colored markers. Here are some other work: Semigolovaya creation Being in a cube with a gem

Microsoft wants users to pay for refusing to show ads

The Corporation has filed a patent application, “Pricing in the content management.” Representatives of Microsoft’s plan to patent the technology that will allow content owners to charge a fee to people who refuse to see or want to see the advertising content multiple times. The patent , which Microsoft has filed an application called “Pricing(…)

Twitter bought bloghosting Posterous

Microblogging service Twitter has acquired bloghosting Posterous. This was reported in the blog Twitter. The deal team will work on Posterous Twitter, said in a statement. At the same time he promised blogohosting until close: in the event of any changes to warn users in advance. For several weeks the developers promise to release detailed instructions for those who want(…)

Slow death of cash

The publication Technology Review at MIT has published an interview with David Wallman (David Wolman), the author of an interesting book “The End of Money,” which recently appeared in print. The main idea of ??the book lies in the fact that the banknotes in their current form, the last days of dying away, because it is too(…)

Twitter would be like a Facebook for advertising opportunities

By the end of 2012 Twitter will introduce new features available for the pages of brands that make it more like a social networking site Facebook , reports Brands will be using Twitter to Internet commerce, organize contests and sweepstakes. New features will be available only for the pages of brands. In December 2011, Twitter has already made several changes(…)

IBM created an optical processor that can handle terabytes of data per second

Research Division, IBM has created a prototype of an optical processor that can transmit terabits (!) Of data every second, using an unusual design with 48 small holes in a standard CMOS-chip, which is conducted through the light. At IBM, they say, created a prototype of the processor much faster and more efficient than today’s processors(…)

Quest Software bought for $2 billion

The developer of software for information management systems, enterprise Quest Software today announced that it has accepted the offer of investment fund from Insight Venture Partners, according to which the latter buys 100% stake in Quest, based on the price of $ 23 per share, which gives $ 2 billion for the entire company. After the(…)

Take a virtual wall around the world

Today has started a very interesting startup Wallit , by which some individuals can realize his dream – to leave the writing on the wall in a Paris toilet at some attractions. However, the wall will be virtual, but you can write an inscription of any content and do not be afraid that the police will arrest you for disorderly(…)

AMD acquires SeaMicro

AMD has announced an agreement to acquire SeaMicro , a company specializing in energy-efficient, high-speed mikroserverov. The contract size will be approximately $ 334 million, of which approximately $ 281 million will be paid in cash. The acquisition of AMD SeaMicro help accelerate the implementation of its strategy to provide a revolutionary server technology OEM-customers, serving the cloud-oriented data(…)