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Darpa approached the creation of terahertz chips

The agency advanced scientific research in the Darpa project Terahertz Boundary reported the establishment of a unique electronic receiver operating at a frequency of 850 GHz. currently receiving and decoding of terahertz signals requires a special frequency-step-down converters, as no one has so far not produced a chip capable of operating at these frequencies. Top-down conversion, however,(…)

Reasons to say virtualization, “Yes!”

Under any task you can cram in a couple of rack units, or have multiple virtual servers. Which is better? In this article we will discuss several advantages of virtualization. After all, it can save a lot of time, money and nerves. It’s no secret that in recent years more and more different companies, regardless of the size(…)

Seven key challenges of cloud computing in government agencies

U.S. Government Accountability Office released a report on the overall program execution Cloud First, under which state agencies shall carry computing resources in a “cloud” in order to optimize workflow and reduce maintenance costs of IT-infrastructure. A notable feature of the document was made public the list drawn up by experts of the common obstacles to(…)

VMware buys developer of network virtualization technology for $ 1.26 billion

The company develops Nicra software-defined systems (Software-defined networking – SDN), ie, scalable and full-featured virtual network, completely isolated from the physical infrastructure. Technology Nicra are very promising, and it is not surprising that the development of SDN are interested industry giants. Attracted the attention of venture Nicra of VMware, which focuses on developments in the field(…)

New now Bitmark-ED

Good News!!!!!! New subtle yet classy look of As we already know that this is the favorite place to get your long links shortened plus get statistics of your links so I need not mention much in this post. Even though the old one was neat this one is very appealing to use considering(…)

Google Drive integrates with Chrome OS

This week, Google announced a long-awaited cloud service Google Drive (Drive Google), which offers users to store up to 5GB of data (for free, and for a fee you can get up to 16 terabytes of cloud) on the servers of the company and get them quick access from any device with access to the Internet. The next(…)

Facebook users is rapidly approaching one billion people

The number of Facebook users is rapidly approaching one billion – and this despite the fact that the site is blocked in China. Yesterday the company issued a correction to the shape of S1 in anticipation of a public offering. The new document provides fresh statistics for March 2012. In March, Facebook reached 901 million(…)

Facebook users will receive e-mail addresses in accordance with the names of pages

The importance of innovation in your e-mail system has officially announced the popular social network Facebook. Now the URLs users of Facebook, which indicate their names or pseudonyms will be consistent with their email addresses in owned, as you may guess, the world’s largest social-networking service. This functionality works as follows. Let’s say you chose for(…)

Quarterly report on “the worst hosts”

Researchers led the list of the worst hosts, as well as describe the trends in cyber security from the perspective of the problems and solutions at the level of hosts. The Russian company Group IB, together with the organization HostExploit (HE) presented a regular quarterly report, “The worst networks and hosts.” The report for the(…)